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  • October 13, 2018 - Rosietheriveter

    Cult of Targenality

    To the tune of the cult of personality. (I was threatened by 4 people I still work with, corporate is the devil, pass the love. Don’t fall into this cult.)

    Look in my eyes
    What do you see
    It’s the cult of targenality.
    I’m backroom team and I can’t cope
    I’ll threaten you. It is no joke
    I’m the cult of targenality
    Like the devil with brutality
    I’m the cult of targenality

  • August 1, 2014 - BatGirl

    Greetings from Canada

    So I have now worked at two targets (transferred from the last store I was at because I finished university and the job market where I live is generally shitty, and seeing as a new target was just opening up, it seemed to be a good idea/fresh start).  Anyways, I fucking hate target. My last store before I was transferred gave me 4 hour Shifts a week and played favourites with some pretty incompetent employees. The new store I’m at has been okay with hours, for now (though they keep fucking with my schedule, more on that later) and like my last store The TLs, ETLS and even STLs have no idea what the fuck they are doing, one ETL at my new store even compared not wearing a name tag on the sales floor to “going into Afghanistan without a gun” I wish I was fucking joking.(he said this at morning huddle)

  • January 12, 2013 - Jonestown

    Should have read this all first

    When I accepted the job at Target I was completely excited.

    I was hired as a lead and encouraged by the conversations during the interview process.

    Several months later I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a cult.  You have to learn “Target speak.”  Everything has an acronym and is measured in Red, Yellow or Green.  Should you not adhere to the cult rules you are either exiled (fired) or pushed to the point that your only hope is escape.

    There is a reason that management is relatively young.  It’s easy to manipulate inexperienced, immature people fresh out of college and mold them to believe you are the God of all retail and business.

    The scariest thing, next to “you must learn Target speak,” that I was told by my ETL was, “you’ll do much better if you just drink the Kool-Aid.”  Seriously!