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August 1, 2014 - BatGirl

Greetings from Canada

So I have now worked at two targets (transferred from the last store I was at because I finished university and the job market where I live is generally shitty, and seeing as a new target was just opening up, it seemed to be a good idea/fresh start). ¬†Anyways, I fucking hate target. My last store before I was transferred gave me 4 hour Shifts a week and played favourites with some pretty incompetent employees. The new store I’m at has been okay with hours, for now (though they keep fucking with my schedule, more on that later) and like my last store The TLs, ETLS and even STLs have no idea what the fuck they are doing, one ETL at my new store even compared not wearing a name tag on the sales floor to “going into Afghanistan without a gun” I wish I was fucking joking.(he said this at morning huddle)

this new store is a hot mess, my schedule keeps getting switched on me with no notice whatsoever, and none of the management has any idea as to what the fuck they are doing and are too busy micromanaging like turkey’s with their heads cut off to realize that if shit needs to get done they need to start doing some of the grunt work too instead of relying on regular TMs to do the job of 4 people. Oh and to stop babysitting cuz it really gets fucking old hearing every 5 minutes “how are you doing/what are you doing/ will you be able to get this zoned/green?/ excuse me as I continue to bark shit but give no inclination that I have a real job aside from this”

Oh and let me tell you about the VIG night we had at this fucking store. One of the TLs or ETLs who was LOD thought it was okay to call on the walkie for someone to come to NIT and fix it all up, so I get there expecting it to look horrible or at least a little messy and she is standing next to one shirt that fell off the rack and a shirt that was unfolded on a tshirt rack. Now I don’t mind making sure everything is zoned and green or whatever, but holy fuck, instead of calling for someone to tidy up that little job and wasting time, why not do that yourself? The management is such a joke and my patience levels for target is next to nil at this point.

Needless to to say I am so glad I have another job lined up and am leaving this ridiculous company and lazy dumbass managers in the dust.

Feels good to get this off my chest as the majority people at the new store still think tarjay is the greatest thing to have ever happened to them…my advice to aspiring employees, don’t drink their koolaid, target is not about team culture no matter how many times they claim to be, and expect to be standing around for ever during huddles and wasting time listening to the ass kissers give rim jobs to the management. Oh and hear about how target is convinced its a culture, because that’s a thing (smdfh).


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    "they need to start doing some of the grunt work too instead of relying on regular TMs to do the job of 4 people"

    Except that, as far as I'm aware, they're told in training that they are to "delegate" tasks to TMs instead of fixing the problems themselves. Which is a stupid fucking way to train people because they end up standing around wasting payroll, but of course it's always YOUR fault when it doesn't get done. Same with the check-in thing, they're trained to do that because they think constantly hounding people helps productivity (pro-tip: it doesn't).

    It reminds me of a picture I saw recently:

    Until Target learns that there's more to being a leader than delegation, things are going to continue to suck. Hell, my ETL couldn't even answer a yes/no question when his PDA asked "Did you pull all from this location?" He had to ask me what to enter and yet he's running all of logistics. Makes sense, right?

  • BatGirl says:

    The management system is a joke. But we all know that XD

  • braycanes12 says:

    Don't drink the kool aid but drink a lot of liqueur to deal with this place. I have a business degree and still can't get even a TL position and I refute to even accept a TL position. I'd rather be a peon than deal with my STL


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