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October 9, 2013 - futarget

T1846 Etl’s are scabs

So all our Etl’s were gathered around the jewelry boat trying to get a piece of that deal with the recent mobile coupon that everyone had. The funny thing is that when the coupon first came around the ETL’s were not accepting it and we had a lot of pissed off customers. BUT all of a sudden when they got a hold of one it was okay to use it. And when I say they were gathered around the jewelry boat I mean they were like flies on shit. All of them including the STL all at the same time, it looked like a giant BLOOD CLOT with all the red shirts bunched up in a group trying to get the deal of their lifetime lol. How sorry is that?

Yeah “lead by example” only when they say jump then its okay to jump hahaha! Stupid target coupon all for a cheap ass timex watch. Nothing surprises me any more, and each day we are more and more sick of all their shit.

Oh and check this one out: We have a Halloween scare a team lead or ETL week, are you fucking serious? There were two team members that had gotten written up before for playing a joke and scaring someone at work. They both got put on finals for that “prank” oh but now its ok? What kind of bullshit is that? So Christian and Cloud got put on corrective action for placing pictures of the exorcist in food avenue playing a joke on Sam. But Sam called out so the GSTL Marta was the one who found the pictures and nearly had a heart attack from what I heard. That shit was fucking funny and everyone was cracking up after they all heard and found out ¬†about it. Even the ETL’s kept talking about it and nearly cried from laughter because they kept watching the video of the GSTL finding the pictures. So Erika wrote both Cloud and Christian up for not being FFF. WHAT! She even took it to corporate because she said “it was an issue above store level”. Give me a break bitch, from what I heard she was laughing about it too. Hypocrite snob!

So what makes us mad is this: Now its “OKAY” to scare the shit out of a TL or ETL. I’m really hoping that whoever gets scared shits their pants and hope shit runs down their pants so everyone can see it cause I’m sure they’ll smell it. She bitches your shit does stink!

T1846 IS ALWAYS A STORE OF “CONVENIENCE” AND ONLY WHEN THE STL AND HER UGLY DUCKLINGS SAY SO. One day this little world you all live in will eventually fall apart but maybe it can be saved if the management team can learn toappreciate us more as people not puppets. Having a degree doesn’t make you a better person if you lack the work ethics of a team oriented person. It’s not just about Target, it all starts with the people that make Target which would be the ream members that bust their ass so all of management can get the recognition for and for the STL to get her heafty bonus at the end of the fiscal year. So learn to appreciate the underpaid people that make you who you are.




  • viciousdave says:

    We do more physical labor, they sit on there ass most of the day. We beep items, they stand around and talk. The only time they do anything is when a guest has a problem about a price and wants to question it or a problem with a high priced coupon. We do the work, we should get the more pay. Physical labor should always get more pay than the ones who just sit and do numbers.


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