Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 25, 2011 - jim

still working in this hell.

As I write this i am 8 hours away from an opening shift for operator. I have been working at Target for 9 months and have come to believe it is responsible for my lack of joy in life. When I started they blew smoke up my @$$ and told me what a great job I was doing and that I could move to another area after my 90 days cuz I did such a great job. Well after my 90 days I talked with the etl of my section and she said I had complaints from all the way back in December.( I was hired in Oct. As the last regular team member group.) And when I went to talk to my hr tl about these supposed coachings they were about things I wasn’t even doing or supposed to be doing. First on the list was a coaching for the fitting room. When I was forced to cover the closing shift with no training back there. And i told them that I wasn’t trained and they said its not hard to do. And that was all she wrote for any help. When I brought it to my tl she shrugged it off and walked away. A couple days later I asked the stl if I could possibly move to the back room for pricing or anything, and I even through electronics into the convo. And she gave me some stuff that the store needed all the seasonal hires out on the salesfloor. And i told her I was in the last group for regular tm hires. And she says “oh, well show me that you can be happy and helpful all the time and ill put you back there on a trial.” Well a couple days after that I was put into a “brand” assistant position to help the store after the crazyness of the holidays. And everything was kosher and then they cut my hours to 5 a day and expected me to finish folding 3 zones in softlines a day, when I brought some complaints to the etl she put me on a corrective action for not being fast fun and friendly. When I asked again for q transfer it was denied saying that my performance has been slipping and I have multiple complaints from lods and such when I asked to see the paper work it seems they seem to have never happened or had been documented and it got worse from their and is still getting bad. I was told that I am unfit to do my job and so I’m back in the fitting room/operator. Where it is a much more stressful job than Salesfloor, but the truth is my etl has never worked a salesloor day in her life. Along with Lot of other etls who were placed after college. A lot of them admit to not knowing what’s going on in the store and say that the fitting room is the roughest place to be even the stl said ahe wouldn’t be able to do it. There is a whole lot more to the story and its not pretty.


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