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June 9, 2014 - conorO25

Still unemployed but HAPPY to not be working for Tarshit

Its been months since I left that bulls eye hell and while it sucks not having an income, I am soooo glad I finally took the leap after three and a half years and left that place. For years I had been miserable, hating life and every decision I had made that lead me to that hell but I was too scared to leave and not have a job lined up. I had applied to jobs but nothing ever came up, as the years went by I steeped lower and lower into my miserable life and convinced myself that I would never get out of that place. With the arrival of the VIBE, the fact that I was doing work I wasn’t getting paid to do, and the changes in scheduling I decided I had had enough and decided that I’d save up enough money to live on for months and finally leave. I made sure I’d leave before the dreaded BF and Christmas season..and I gotta say, last year I actually got to enjoy the holidays. Even though I am still struggling to find a job and sometimes I get overwhelmed with worry, when I read the horror stories on here and I think of my own horror stories I KNOW I DO NOT regret quitting without a job lined up..I do not think I could’ve held on any longer.

I hope all the people who are miserable working for this company also find the courage to leave and never look back.




  • cashier says:

    Shit, I know that feel. We just got to do what we got to do to make it through the day though. Especially if the past is no better than the present. Hope you find something. I read that COSTCO is a pretty nice retail place to work at. Maybe you can try there.


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