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August 31, 2013 - greebbeast

Star Wars TARGET

Ok so we could debate on where this could go but I think it works at a store level easier. No matter who the STL is they are the emperor (good give in to your hate) while HR is Darth Vader, since AP supposedly works close to HR they are Boba Fett. From here to each his own but at my store our GM ETL is Jabba the Hutt since their pushy on the red cards. The other ETLS are the royal guard which works cause they are in red robes. Our flow team sucks so their storm troopers the guests we decided are tusken raiders since their loud destructive and annoying. The cart attendants are Jawas since they have to hurry bac and forth getting carts and the like and produce team is cloud city since their pretty much left alone we have a few individuals as specific characters but that’s the general jist what about everybody else?




  • TeamLeadsSuck says:

    Eliminating STLs, AP, HR, ETLs, flow team, and cart attendants that leaves out some people.
    I'd say softlines are wookies because they're disgusting hairy old women that don't speak any english. Electronics are the jedi masters. They're just vague and don't help for shit if we're made to work over there. Backroom are Rancors, angry isolated beasts who nobody wants to visit.


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