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June 13, 2015 - Stillaseasonal

Sooo Im still here

OK SO I got hired as a seasonal and was told at 90 days or whatever I will have a sit down and talk if I want to stay or not. 3 months later I still haven’t had this talk yet all they asked me was what other areasbI wanted to work at. I was tired of having to work cashier shifts everyday after school until 9:45 and work 8 hour shifts on the weekend. Had to work the 6am signing shift for three months every Sunday , so I haven’t been able to go to church Sunday mornings or have any family time or hang out with friends . When I started I asked to work 20 hrs a week but was averaging 30 hrs. Then when I had to change my availability for sports and I couldn’t work during the week because of practices and games. I had to work a minimum of 15 hours in two days so I pretty much wasn’t home at all for 2 months. BTW I have been reading past posts and do you guys get a 15% discount because at our store we get a 10% discount 15% of we use a red card.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yes, that's what they mean. I'm an employee of Target and after those 90 days or sometime indeed, you will get an actual card with your Target employee numbers on it and a scan bar for instant 10% discount on what your buying, but as an early person you got the code on paper of course but still works for 10% off just has to be entered manually by cashier. The extra 5% would be from the Target red card. Also this is something very important about there policy control over it all. Your team member discount can only be used with cash, check, or the Target red card. It will not work with any other type of card. So if you want to save 10% for being a team member at least, bring cash or your check book with. Do not get a Target red card whatever you do, if you do, don't use it at all and cancel it. Why? The red card has a starting interest of 22.99% per dollar, that is terrible for a credit card.

    • rainprincess64 says:

      This is why I used to tell shoppers when I did work at tarshit if you really want to save, do the debit card option. Get 5%, no interest rates and no r******d problems with "late" payments because the system isn't sophisticated enough to convert time zones appropriately regarding time of payment. Stupid I know...

      • Silverfox says:

        that doesn't work either. there have been reports that tarshit takes more out of the account than what the customer paid at the till. tarshit credit card then paying it off at the till instantly is the safest method. shame on you encouraging people to give tarshit unlimited access to people's chequing account.


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