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October 7, 2014 - edge

Soon I will be free

Put in my two weeks and last day on Oct. 11th! I am so excited! I have been a cashier for over a year. What finally pushed me over was the TLs’ and LODs’ lack of forethought when handling situations.

Yes, I didn’t take a lunch when I had a 5 hour and 15 min shift. Partially my fault for not being assertive enough to take it anyway. However, the blame should also be on Tarshit for not properly training the guest service chick newly turned GSTL. My hours for that day were listed as 4.75, so the GSTL assumed that it wasn’t considered a 5 hour shift and only scheduled a break, no lunch. I asked if she was sure, and she insisted. What was I supposed to do? I’m timid and going through a lot of shit (being an abuse survivor doesn’t help things either). So of course the next day the LOD and minion TL cornered me in my register to make me sign a paper and treating me like I was stupid.

“Well, if you count it out on your fingers…one, two, three…” Yes. I know how to count bitch. “But the GSTL said-” “Well you should know better. First warning and don’t let it happen again.” -.-

There’s a private office we can go into, ya know, so customers don’t have to overhear this shit?

I wasn’t the only one who got fucked by that GSTL that day. Several others got screwed and she got off so easy. I also think they were just waiting for something like this to start building an excuse to get me fired because I wasn’t getting any RedCards. I’m so glad I font have to worry about fucking RedCards anymore. Too much pressure and stress for nothing.

What helped me follow through with the decision was also the customers. They think that by shopping at Tarshit instead of say Walmart, they are entitled to be snooty bitches and assholes. They always give me the nastiest looks and treat me like I’m stupid. I’m so sorry I’m a bit slow at the math when I just totaled the transaction and you decided to add more change and I have anxiety and prefer to do math on paper so I can make sure it’s right. You do realize a lot of people work these kinds of jobs while going through college right? I’m not going to be a professional cashier. In fact, my degree is so specialized that a lot of people don’t know what it is. GIS. Geographic Information Systems. Maps and data, layers of information to help visually portray information and patterns. Yeah, I am such a low life for working as a cashier haha FUCK YOU.

Everyone starts someone. Some people would do well to remember that.

Yes, thank you for amusing yourself by cracking jokes where the punchline was I’m the slowest cashier ever, even though you had a shit ton of items and I was fast enough to get a G score on speed…

And fuck you couponers and your inability to properly read the fine print on your coupons and fighting with me over them. I definitely will not miss that and you insisting you had the right items for a gift card.

At least so far the girl at HR has been very helpful and has made this process easy and the LODs and TLs are leaving me alone…too good to be true? I’m not the only one who’s leaving. So far 4 people have left before me, one just flat out walked out the door. A few will be leaving after me. All are from different departments, like flow and backroom. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because everyone is sick of this shit at my store? But that’s ok. They just hired on a whole bunch, so they have new blood to deceive and abuse.

I also have to put out there that whenever I ran out of receipt paper during a transaction, but it printed enough of the receipt to show the survey password numbers, I would secretly keep that one and give the customer the new one. I also kept the ones the customers didn’t want when it had a survey on it. I would then take the surveys at home so I could up my number of amazing survey scores to help keep the GSTL off my back about RedCards. Glad I don’t have to do stupid shit like that anymore.

You know, I did my best. I did the best someone in my position can do. Depressed and tired and so worn down I almost committed suicide on my birthday this year. I was going to be a pilot then the program at my school got messed up and I couldn’t take any more classes and don’t have the money and time it takes anymore. Plus it’s not really a good thing to fly while suicidal. I got kicked out of my home even though I am doing everything right, such as working, going to school and getting good grades, and staying out of trouble. I don’t even do drugs and I am light on the alcohol. Wasn’t good enough for my bipolar mother and controlling father apparently.

So now hopefully things will change. Even though I’m going to cashier somewhere else (Home Depot), I hear they treat their people better and customers and management aren’t all on a high horse. Hopefully leaving Tarshit will help start things over for me while I adjust to living somewhere new and grieve for the lost dream of being a pilot and deal with the shit on my shoulders from my childhood.

I’m glad this site was here to remind me I wasn’t the only one having a shit time at this place. Target really is a terrible company to work for and terrible people to serve.

Good luck everyone! I know I’m not the only one, but sometimes that’s hard to remember when you’re ready to just drop everything a disappear. Thank you all for being here and sharing and supporting.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Retailers like Target are full of shit. It's not your fault. You requested your lunch break, and you were denied the break by your supervisor. You're under no obligation to sign the break release form, and they have no right to penalize you for your supervisor's mistake. The bottom line is this: the only answer is always "I tried to take my break, but [INSERT SUPERVISOR'S NAME] said I didn't get one." End of story, never explain further. They bullied you to force you to sign a paper, to avoid getting fined if they're ever audited.

    And congratulations on getting the fuck out of there!

    • trashtalk says:

      You are so right, they are covering their buts. And congratulations edge for moving on! I'm hoping I will be able to do the same thing this month. The hassle with expired coupons makes me annoyed because the vibe crap means you are supposed to go along with it anyway if the guest complains. Why have a policy then? Seriously stupid. The management style at Target increases anxiety, I feel it and I know others at my store experience it too. best you are leaving.

      • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

        I pretty much interpreted the "Be Bold" coupon policy Tarshit introduced this year as a policy explaining they don't have a coupon policy. When I worked for the hell hole, when the policy was implemented, the LODs pretty much said take any coupon, even if expired, and take as many coupons as possible and look the other way and that will make the guest happy. Good luck with that policy down the road motherfuckers!

        • Silverfox says:

          is disgusted around? Or dtlhater? I wonder if that be bold policy is also up here in canada as well. Getting couponers lately who try to use coupons not for the product. Maybe next time they try that shit i should send them dtlhater's or disgusted's way and let them rip target off.

  • TargetSucks says:

    Exactly, it depends on local state laws. His are different than yours.

    • littleavery1948 says:

      In my state it's five hours; I work flow and we get a 30 minute lunch. When I worked in California, it was more than six hours and you got a 45. I remember when it used to be seven hours before you got a lunch (if you worked seven or more hours, you received an unpaid 45 minute lunch; if you worked more than five, but less than seven hours, you received a 30-minute PAID break.

  • edge says:

    Oh, sweetie. If you had actually read the post, you wouldn't have missed the "I got kicked out" part. Please double check next time to insure you are well informed before trying to be the big bad bully.

  • Lara Schmidt says:

    I've been working at Target for six months. I lost my job a year ago, and I took one at Target at my husband's insistence because we were in a bad place financially. Before I diss on my Target, I have to give them props from keeping us from really going down a rat hole. We're putting food on the table thanks to them because my husband's salary goes to paying the mortgage and other bills, plus certain creditors have stopped hounding us now that they're getting paid, too.
    I never wanted to work here, so I don't feel guilty about complaining. Although many of my co-workers are a joy to work with, of all the jobs I've had in my life, I've never worked with such miserable people. I'm using "miserable" here as a blanket statement because there are several strata of negative attitudes in my store. They include grumpy, aloof, shady, and belligerent. I can tell that one or two of them want to physically hurt me. I have no idea why, as I'm courteous to all my co-workers. But as I said, I never wanted to work here because I knew it would be a lousy gig, and I was right.
    I feel pressured and antagonized into pushing Red Cards on guests. It got to the point where a GSTL came up to me and said, "You came up on a report for not selling enough Red Cards, so I'm going to stand by you today and listen to your delivery." I wanted to slap her. Sure, I thought, go right ahead and do that. I would enjoy being condescended to with the "help" given to me by your ghettofabulous self while I am a Summa Cum Laude college graduate. Get real!
    On the flip side of the bigotry, hatred, and nastiness, the team leaders -- with the exception of the witchy GSTLs -- are all amazingly helpful and friendly. They are among the best people to work with. But, their kind selves notwithstanding, this is a bad place to be, and for all the reasons I mentioned. However...
    By the grace of God, I was just hired for the "real" job that I've been pounding the pavement for a year to get, so I'll be moving on from Target in another week. What a strange and hellish six months that was!

  • Lara Schmidt says:

    I have to add that several weeks ago, I worked a 5.75-hour shift and only got a 15-minute break. When it came time for me to leave, someone from HR literally came over to my register and rushed me to the time clock, even though I was already on my way there. She blathered the usual crap about being in violation of Compliance if I didn't clock out ASAP, because, needless to say, if I had delayed in clocking out, I could have shown up as having worked 6 hours without a break. So glad I'm now done with Tarshit. Yesterday was my last day, and I did a happy dance at the end of my shift as I walked out of that store as a cashier for the last time.

  • Lara Schmidt says:

    Customer service for an insurance agency. Full time, better hours, better pay. I would have been a fool to pass it up.


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