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December 28, 2014 - NoMoreTarget

Sick of the target bs

I’m a highschooler who works at target. Starting out here, I thought it was awesome. So many others from my school work here and it is quite popular in my town. I was also impressed by the wages (although I quickly learned that it was nothing special at all). I was happy about working for target for about a month before I realized something wrong. The red cards. My god they push them so hard. I hated it. I began to get talked to about how I was not asking enough and how I needed to push it. After a few more weeks they decided I wasn’t good enough so they coached me. They took me into a conference room and went through scenarios with me to “teach” me how to do it. It’s not like I don’t know how to ask. I don’t want to. The customers hate it and get annoyed. After this i started to see all the flaws. All of the management are pricks. On the surface they are nice but once you see their true side they are Devils. I also went through a period where I was hospitalized with pneumonia and had to call in sick. I later brought a doctors note. I had missed three days and they decided that wasn’t good (mind you this was 6 months after working there). They brought me in to a conference room and talked to me about attendance and how I “hurt the team” when I’m not there. Then they threatened me with ┬átermination if I miss one more day. Well here it is. I called in sick today thanks to this influenza crap. I’m handing in my two weeks tomorrow because I don’t want to put up with their shit anymore. Here goes to a year wasted at an awful company!


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  • trashtalk says:

    Congratulations! Target drains your energy and spirit. You are better off looking elsewhere.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Good for you, don't out up with their crap. It is beyond ridiculous how a company can many an employee feel like they're at fault for calling out when they're sick. Before I left Tarshit I was an HR TM and had to classify people's attendance in MyTime. I remember the ETL HR writing up a food TM for calling out sick. We don't have other TMs cross trained so they had to shut down the Pizza Hut/Cafe until the next TM came in after lunch. They would have preferred a SICK TM working Cafe, spreading germs, and getting guests sick. Disgusting! But that's all Target cares about: making a dollar.


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