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July 19, 2011 - piszzed

Service and Customer Satisfaction severely degraded = TARGET

Worst experience with TARGET ever. Years ago target service exceptional…this and another experience have changed my mind…will never order from Target again. Chaise Lounge delivered damage…frame twisted with weld damage and holes? Thing was obviously twisted like a pretzel…And this was considered deliverable in this condition? Easy to see from how packed and shipped…. you could tell from the condition of the box and packaging this thing was damaged…and so could the delivery guys….cause they rang the doorbell and ran back to the truck!!…before I could get the door open, before my very eyes. This is actually laughable with the exception that when I called to say delivery was damaged, the person on the other end asked me if I would like one another delivered.  NO…no if this is what to come (there’s more to the story, this thing took 6 weeks to deliver…from the Philipines…after being promised twice by reps that it would “be there next week”.  After being told that I was still going to be charged shipping…I said screw it…send me the replacement….”I’m sorry, it’s out of stock”….lol….just kill me…).

Top notch service providers don’t perform as such. If there is a complaint department…direct me to the door


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