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May 12, 2014 - OriAsher

Rewriting Reviews? The World’s Worst LOD Is At It Again.

So, we have another awesome fuck up from the world’s worst LOD that I ranted about in my last post!


I thankfully am out of Target and am going to school full time again, but my girlfriend hasn’t been so lucky, she’s stuck with those failures at Tarshit, and she’s found out a ridiculous abuse from the world’s worst LOD.

Obviously reviews just came out, and my girlfriend was given bad scores on both cleanliness and working with a sense of urgency. Now, she’s the one who trained me at Target, and I’ve seen first-hand what kind of person she is when it comes to her work. She’s borderline OCD. She’s constantly scrambling around, doing pretty much everything there is to be done at the front. She will be running Guest Service and Photo, do Back-up Cashier, then cover for the GSTL on break, go back to Backup, and then go to One Spot. It’s ridiculous! As was the case last time there was a problem with the world’s worst LOD, not a single person in the store had any problems with her work. She gets above-average scores on Red Cards, gets everything done quick and thoroughly, etc. So when she got her review, she was pretty bummed at first.

Later, when talking with a GSA, she was told that when the GSA was going over the review with the GSTL in charge of writing the reviews for the front, he was taken aback because he had never said half the things that were on the review!

That made perfect sense to us, because this GSTL is really laid back, and has never had a single problem with her work before. We later found out that it was the world’s worst LOD at it again, editing reviews to suit what SHE thinks is going on. Naturally, being dumb as a brick, she gets everything wrong. People all over the store have been getting marked down for things that have never been a problem before, and getting feedback that is completely unapplicable to them. For example, my girlfriend was dinged on Red Cards, when her conversion rate was significantly higher than the goal. Is it that much of a surprise that this LOD also has it out for her? She’s knocked her time and time again on attendance even after an injury gave her a giant gaping hole in her hand. Obviously nobody in their right mind would penalize someone for not coming to work with a broken/punctured hand and sprained ankles, AND Mono, but all the same, upon her return, she was rejected from being scheduled time and time again to her preferred (and understaffed) spot of Guest Service by the bitch LOD, who happens to also be in charge of scheduling. Her excuse was, “I can’t trust your attendance” even when all of her absences have been excused ahead of time by doctors notes. It’s ridiculous!


People have been getting smaller raises and unwarranted negative feedback that they haven’t earned because the world’s worst LOD is on a fucking power trip, as usual. And it’s absolutely ridiculous. Not that we should be expecting much else from a shithole like Target




  • Silverfox says:

    report her to the new ceo.

  • TargetGrunt says:

    "People have been getting smaller raises and unwarranted negative feedback that they haven’t earned because the world’s worst LOD is on a fucking power trip, as usual."

    The best part is that, while your LOD certainly seems like a neanderthal at best, this is happening throughout the company. Nearly every TM I've spoken to who currently works for Target has said that reviews this year were incredibly negative or neutral, conflicting, often contained false information and that raises were pitiful.

    Keep in mind, Target is going to be hemorrhaging a fair bit of money what with the 70+ class-action lawsuits against them and the aftermath of the failed Canadian expansion, but they couldn't take any money out of Steinhaffel's $55+ million severance package, right?

    No, they have to slowly make up for it by screwing all of us out of raises and by cutting our hours while increasing our expectations.

    I really hope the new CEO, whenever they pick one, has their head screwed on straight, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • chau1601 says:

    So I've worked at T-0052 (Minneapolis, mn) for about 6 months (I'm 16) and I've already gotten a 10cent raise. My grandma who also works here (20+years, turned down several promotions) got a 25cent raise... Our tl's and lod's know all of us and are understanding... Maybe it's because we are so close to corporate... Idk. But yea. My review was good. My time sucks ass. Other than that yea. T52 is good...

  • tarhellno says:

    Well they needed to save money for the 80+ million dollar purchase of new buildings and custom designer interiors for target tech services. Not our data centers mind you, just for corporate types.


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