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March 14, 2013 - TargetSucks

Review Time

Every year review scores are initially  decided upon and agreed upon for the team members  by the team leads, hr and respective etls only to be unfairly changed later because of some financial metric that each store is allowed. Bullshit. That is to say if a team member was initially scored an EX for Excellent and then changed to an E for Effective or IE to Inconsistently Effective then the team leads are forced to write an unfair review for that team team who deserves or who is actually an EXCELLENT PERFORMER.  That remains one of the constant and corruption that is Target. Certain stl’s are overpaid and spend far less time in the stores which makes you wonder what is really going on since they do not punch a time clock.  Target needs to reduce their salaries and share it with the rest of the team members and leaders on duty  who truly deserve it.  Just saying.


Employee Experience


  • bestdayever says:

    I agree that review time sucks. Nothing is worse than busting your ass off all year long and then finding out you got an IE because you called in 4 times in May because you were legit sick and in the hospital or because you weren't a "solid green" with your conversion. It also really blows when you get an EX and get super excited about it only to find out you got a $.24 raise.
    I also agree that the majority(at least 8 out of 10) STL's are over paid.
    However, even though you didn't mention ETL's salaries, I am just going to toss in my two sense. I hate Target with a passion and developed some very good friendships with a lot of my co-workers, some of which moved on to be ETL's once they graduated(don't worry, they are actually the good ones, not the lazy piddle around all day and yell at you for not covering the diamonds type). They bust their butts to meet deadlines and quotas. One of my friends that moved on to ETL works an average of 50-60 hrs a week because she is over a specialty area and when someone calls in, rather than stick someone over there that doesn't know what they're doing, she'll work that area in addition to her other obligations. Here there is a minimum requirement of a bachelor's degree. That is about 4 years of student loan debt that they are trying to pay off, for what? To work in retail. She started out on the high end of the pay scale, just because she had been working at Target since she was 17. What's the high end you might ask? $42,000/yr. When I left Target, I took an entry level job doing billing for hospitals, I make about $5,000/yr less than she does and that is without a college degree.
    Again, most ETL's suck. Every single ETL at my old store was a total ass hat. But not all of them are bad, the ones that started in the store at the bottom and worked their way up are usually better than that. Just don't think for a second that they are making buttloads of cash. For a four year degree requirement, they're making crap.
    Just to give you an idea, another friend of mine was offered a job as an ETL starting at $40,000/yr right after they graduated. She had a business management degree/marketing degree. She instead took a job with a local company that does software production and started out making $79,000/yr. Almost twice as much. She actually just got promoted to marketing director after 3 years and is now making closer to $90,000. If she had gone with Target, she might be lucky to be making $45k at that point.

    Just goes to show you that Target just gets off fucking EVERYONE over. The hourly workers get it the worst, but don't fool yourself into thinking the abuse stops there. It is endless.

  • Free At Last says:

    They can start them out like that because there are an abundant of college students graduating every year. When you start out, you are going to be starting at the bottom most of the time. In my city, most of the ETL leave to go work at Kohl's after they have gained experience.

    Most of the ones that are fresh out of school are the ones that I hate the most because they haven't put in no work and have no idea what a regular tm have to do. It is all about politic Target. They think they are hiring the right people but the turnover number speaks for itself. But they don't care.

  • Jonestown says:

    I am out of there!

    But let me tell you. As a former GSTL your review score is settled and set in stone at least two months before you get to see it.

    If you are potentially an Unsatisfactory, and not on CA, we then have to find a way to get you on CA before the proposed scores go to headquarters.

    The whole process is corrupt.

    And I learned that ETL HR has absolutely no education in HR. Any other place on the continent usually requires minimally a certification, if not a degree before you can be in the HR department.

    That whole company is nuts and run by children. Again, so glad to be out of the church of Targetology.

  • POedAP says:

    Yeah, sounds about right. They'll put a brand new ETL into whatever position is open. HR, AP, etc. I asked HR about you know, HR things, like leave of absence protected under FMLA. I got an "um, I dunno if you can do that..."

    The pay is a joke (seriously, look at all the beaters they drive to work), and damned if I ever got my ETL-AP to get time enough to actually do AP stuff. "Sorry man, but I have to LOD...."

    Reviews are a joke too. I got a whopping nickel for a raise...

    ...and saved the company close to $30,000 in a single year from the shit I have caught. They raised me a fucking nickel.


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