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December 10, 2013 - John 22

Regret your behavior.

Hi, I’m John and my father has been working at the zellers for more than 14 years and when they opened up Target, they did not hired him. Since he’s 54, it has been really tough for him to get a new job (which actually consist as now more of little side jobs).

So my friend worked on a sticker to show Target that we are not happy to see them coming and treat people like this. We are plnning on sticking them everywhere. I’ll post a picture of the sticker on the comments.

This year has been a shitty one for us and I’m glad to see that we are not the only ones who dislike target.¬†And for whatever your reason is I’m with you.


TargetSucks Regret / sticker /


  • Silverfox says:

    Look upon it as silver lining. Your dad got off lucky, judging from the experiences everyone else is reporting. Take it as a blessing in disguise and search for another job with a canadian retailer like their competitor. When target announced they were coming up here, your dad had two full years to find a new job. Should have started looking 2 years ago instead of now when he didn't get rehired. Keep looking for a new job.

  • John 22 says:

    Yes, he could have looked for a new job but he tough that he was going to get rehired. The good thing is that he started to work the wood and make furnitures again, a thing he didn't do for years.

    • Silverfox says:

      With all the shitty comments you would have thought he would have taken one look at them and ran as fast as he could to a competitor that was hiring. Loblaws was hiring. overwaitea food group was hiring. IGA/Sobey's was hiring. Safeway was hiring. Even held hiring fairs as well. London drugs was hiring. I even went to a hiring fair at the local library with local big retailers. Yeah, your dad had 2 full years with income still coming in to look for a new job. But he didn't, so he made his bed. Your dad thought he was going to get rehired, and he didn't. He should have tackled it in worst case scenario, what if he didn't get rehired? And gone from there. Looks like he didn't.


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