Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 12, 2013 - westsidecjb

Redcards candy redcards redcards candy (the life of an everyday target cashier)

I’ve always been a people person, don’t get me wrong on this one. But after working a mere 4 weeks at target, I look at every customer with disgrace and disgust, but rightly so. You occasionally have customers who come through your line who are decent and are willing to engage in conversation, but all the rest look down upon you because you’re a cashier or don’t even look your way to begin with. I’m an 18 year old soon to be college student, what makes you that much better than me? I’m not the one who goes to target and buys $30 worth of groceries and uses food stamps and coupons and throws a massive fit if even one coupon doesn’t go through because THEY read the fine print wrong. But that’s only the beginning of my rant on why I can’t stand target. Don’t even get me started on the gstl’s or whafever the fuck they call them

i’m an easy goin’ guy, but these 4 weeks at target have pushed me to the point where I can’t enter a 2-week notice because I can’t even stand to be there for another day, so I’m just not gonna show up tomorrow. I’m happy to say, fuck you horseheads target


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Maybe a nice youtube video telling target to go fuck themselves? Don't forget to tag 😉

  • Rio Diorgio says:

    Most guests who frequent the high risk stores are nasty, disrespectful and lie about prices most of the time and almost always want to get their own way. And most of the new Target etls are dumb enough and not supportive always bending to the will of these guests and pissing off team members in the process. How can Target be changing prices so much it is giving away money and merchandise an din return they give out crappy raises. They are called gstls and they have a tough job because they have to put up with the funk and bullshit from all these crappy guests, broke down registers, brainless etl ge's and the stress of getting x amount of red cards everyday!

  • viciousdave says:

    I've told the GSTLs when asked, why is your conversion so low, it's 0.6, that's only 1 this month you got. Hmm, I can ask and ask, but we can't make our guests say yes now can we? No, we can't force it on people, we can't. Do you understand that? No, ask more than, describe more benefits to them. For fuck sake idiots, for one, I don't like the red card myself, second, the interest rate is way too high, the debit card is a long process of crap, I'm for people, and the people want to get in, get out most of them, guys mostly. I do what's best for the people, not for business. If you watch WWE, you know what I'm talking about.


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