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July 18, 2015 - FucktheRedCard

RedCard and Electronics Bullshit!!

Alright so ive always loved target ever since i was a kid and thought it was a neat and clean place to shop. I got off of active duty and thought that it would make a great first civilian job. I went in for an interview for electronics and was hired on the spot. I was super stoked about working in my ideal section of the store. My first two weeks were cashiering shifts as part of the training that everyone else gets and I loved it. I had enough energy to bounce off the damn walls and i got Red cards left and right(#FuckthoseThings). I was #1 in the district averaging about 20 a week and would occasionally get 10 a day. Management loved me for the fact that i got so many damn redcards and I in turn loved the attention and praise from doing well at my first job, little did i know how much of a pain this shit would become.

After the second week i started getting my electronics training and was still getting sent to the front lanes to “Drive guest Loyalty” and all of that other shit and it didnt click at the moment but i wasnt getting my full amount of training and i still wasnt WORKING in electronics. I spoke with a few other team members and they told me how eventually i was going to hate having to go up and get redcards and i didnt believe them. Well, month two rolled around and I started realizing how im never in the back where I INTERVIEWED for and am SCHEDULED for. This little Routine developed where the LOD comes back to cover me while I go up to the front to get redcards. Lemme just say that after the FOURTH month of doing this i got heavily burnt the fuck out!! All of the cashiers they hire are introverted which is just stupid as fuck seeing that target solely relies on the damn redcards so, all of the weight is pushed to one person, me. The trick to getting them was to form a temporary relationship with the guest and by NOT using the redcard script they give you but to improve and be GENUINE. The guest will trust you more and sign up if they feel you want them to save money and arent just asking because its your job. In using this technique you end of talking more than usual and spending more mental and physical energy to keep up with the 100’s of transactions. So as i said before i got burnt the fuck out and stopped using my technique. I tried blending in with the cashiers and just gave the one liners and stopped after the first “No” from a guest. The management suspected something was wrong for about a week and finally confronted me about why I get like two a week form 25+. I told them about how Im never back in mMY work station and that im burnt out. The management laughed and asked how i could be burnt out from JUST talking to people and he walked off. Well IF ITS THAT FUCKING EASY HOW COME NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT AND YOU RELY ON ONE PERSON!!?? So fuck that shit thats when i decided i no longer wanted to work for a company that forces their employees to a task that has no commission or incentive whatsoever just so the district manager doesnt get her dirty panties in a bunch and that way they can get their yearly bonuses while i sit at a bullshit $9.50 an hour.

Non-redcard bullshit:

I thought electronics would just be electronics. Nope. Fuck that logical idea. Electronics aparently covers electronics, toys, sporting goods, seasonal, mini seasonal, automotive, and infants since softlines is next to my boat and guest cant fucking read and always need help with the stupidest shit. With that being said there is NOT I repeat NOT enough time in the day to , zone a quater of the store and put away abandons, sell T.V’s and attachments for everything, unlock vcages and games, get redcards, make sure these stupid well-fare-chedck-children that run around dont cause spills and help guests all in one night. ITs So unrealistic, unless there were two in electronics. So, my store NEVER has enough team members scheduled for NAY department other that backroom and of course LODs which basically crushes that idea.

Target Fucking mobile…..what to say about them. They get the same an hour that i get which is $9.50 AND commission. WTF. I run a Quarter of the fucking store and have side projects like new end caps and revisions but i make less than some people that stand there and do jack shit half the time. How is this fair in any way? Not only that but the target mobile person i work with the most has me scan her fast pass to get credit for guests that I helped not HER. Ill spend 25 minutes convincing a couple to get a TV when no one else couldve but she will get the commission for it…..Im just done.

My philosophy is dont bitch about shit if youre not willing to offer a compromise. Problem is these compromises would never happen because upper target are money hungry pigs.

1) Add more team members

2) Make redcard savings 10% t make them easier to “sell” to guests

3) Add commission to redcards ** Hint** This is the fucking big one simple psychology. Why would someone go through this trouble with no rewards….

4) add commission for electronic members since it is a specialty position

I realize how awful target is and Im probably going to put my two weeks in soon so i can follow dreams and focus on music. Fuck this.


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  • Silverfox says:

    Go to Walmart and push the exact same thing. You get paid 4 dollars per card signed up.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Yup! I totally agree with everything you've said. Being a team member is totally different than being a guest.
    I would say it's probably one of their best kept secrets. I am shocked every day by the sheer lack of effective management. Their whole business model seems to be built on the belief that there is an endless supply of replaceable people. I have never seen people who are so inept at managing people. I can't believe this company makes money. Target is a blight on society.

  • FivePercentDrained says:

    Everything I totally agree and myself is exactly what i been saying for years! when I get ask from other team members (sometime new Team Member or redcard cheerleader) why I barely get any redcards I told them straight out that there no commission whatsoever. That's why I stop asking. Generally mostly agree and some try to sugar coated, but at the end, agrees cause its the truth. Very ironic huh? What happened to the management love of the 25 redcard friendship that we had? but still friends are we not? Ohhh! I'm getting 2 redcard per week and now all of sudden..., their your worst enemy. To me... I rather not give them whatever bonus commisson or yearly bonuse on MINE hardwork... I just refuse too. Heck! sometime I barely get 1 a week or sometime none all ( most of the redcard i've gotten was customer that appear before me and ask for one) because I find shoveling redcard down people throats is not the answer but building trust is. At the very end, there not going to change. The only change you'll see very quick if there profits is not rolling in. Fuck Tarshit! and I hope in the near future they become the next Kmart!

  • Murphy says:

    The mobile team from our store always has some 3-4 people just standing around...all day. One of them would always complain about Target photo being right next to them, and how Target Mobile should have an entire section to themselves. Even though they hardly ever sold phones. In no way am I saying that their job is the, 'easiest job ever.' But it must be pretty nice not having to deal with the extra-bullshit of ETLs and LODs shoving redcards down your throats every five seconds. We had some LODs actually hang out with our mobile team. But if we were ever doing that, we'd get in trouble.

  • brendan4t says:

    I say the same thing each day about target mobile!

    They get paid more than me, plus commission, and they don't have to do shit!


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