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May 14, 2015 - laylah8732


I don’t think I can stress enough the fact of how tired I am of damn red cards!! And how management makes its their business to make u feel like your not doing your job if u don’t get a guest to apply for one!! Every week I’m pulled aside to go over my numbers for the previous week….NOW!!! If today I get 2 red cards I’m patted on my back and told good job!!! NOW if tomorrow I get 2 more the same kind of reconignition is given I might even get a prize (whoopi damn do fuck a free lunch give me some days off with pay fuck outta here!)…but if those are my only two for the week…I’m told that’s not good enough and I need to do better…am I the only person who sees something wrong with this??? Then I’m pulled aside occasionally to tell the GSTL about an amazing guest experience…it doesn’t matter to these people I can tell them I saved a blind barefoot guest from stepping on a pile of got damn glass while explaining the cartwheel app to them in their eyes if I didn’t get a REDCard out of it, it doesn’t mean shit. I hate this place they make u feel like just showing up to work isn’t good enough!! first chance I get to get the hell up outta here I’m gone! I wouldn’t recommend anybody work here. Go to college get a degree and get a REAL job! Target is a DEAD End JOB! They don’t care about their employees!!


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  • poohbear80 says:

    My store would bother me so much about red cards and half the time I was lucky to get some chocolate for it. They dealt with it a bit because the guests liked me and that was important to them. I got tired of the same thing oh did you know you can save 5%, cartwheel, etc. I think that a store that has to rely on these cards so much as if their crying poverty is sad, thank goodness I'm gone and there are cashier positions still left in this world where you are a "cashier" not a sales person or a stock person as well.

  • viciousdave says:

    Red card red card red card! Ask every guest, that's your job. I reminded them of the first amendment freedom of speech, they said well that doesn't matter this is a job, you do what a job tells you to do. Hmm sure, the American constitution doesn't go fair in jobs. Whatever, it does. I don't even ask anymore and if I get fired I don't give a shit. I've been through hell in my life, loss of hearing, cancer, broken leg, ankle slight crack. A person with my loss of health issues doesn't need to do this red card asking bullshit. I will never do it again and I haven't asked in 2 months. I say yeah ok, yup, to the GSTLs, than I don't do it. Fuck the red card, I even tell people it's terrible sometimes, 22.99 % interest rate. Customer reaction, HUH?!?! Uh yeah target, you're ripping people off.

    • Silverfox says:

      Might have been a tactic for hbc, but i recall the rule was no cheques accepted as a form of payment. However if you signed up for the store cc right away, and paid with it, then the cashiers were allowed to take your cheque a form of payment to pay the card off. I'm guessing it probably had to be made out to the store card division. My old lady friend paid with cash as she got older and didn't want to remember all the dates. The cashiers had her pay with the store card for the seniors discount on the seniors day discount. Then they helped her pay off the bill instantly at the till right afterwards.

      Might be an idea if customers can pay their red card at your till. >_> Something that stupid target could have learned from former Canadian Zellers employees.

  • brokencart says:

    I'm not even a cashier and they bug me the same amount to get a redcard. Oh I'm sorry I didn't get you two redcards when I went to back up during my 4 hr shift and all of the guests were glaring at me because they were mad about standing in line for two minutes.

  • Geezus Chrice says:

    Tell them like it is Laylah8732. The truth you speaketh. Those redcards can go to hell along with those Target Headquarter bitches in Minnesota that thought it was a good idea to create them.. Get that redcard shit outta my face Target.
    -Geezus Chrice

  • littlebigtarget says:

    They told me get more red cards. I used to get really lucky with them when I started, especialy since it was holiday season. Now, we're struggling. We're maybe 15 from last in our 80 target district. Shit happens.

    I've stopped asking, almost completely. I ask maybe one in 10 guests. But damn do I push that survey. People love winning money, and I know I can bring up our vibe scores (We're now top 3 in the district). I was part time, with the most surveys of anyone in the store. Twice as many as most people. They put me as team hero, despite having 5 redcards the whole month. It's been a solid week and a half since I've had one and nobody has yelled at me. Not once. I've beaten the system.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol they need you to vibe


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