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October 16, 2013 - unhappybarista

Quite confused why they’d hire a pregnant women for Starbucks team lead.

So, I’m new to this site and I wanted your opinions on this situation my fellow coworkers and I are in.

I honestly don’t know where to start. Judging by the post title you already get somewhat of an idea about what this post is going to be about. Well, I want to say about several weeks ago they had hired a new GSTL for our Target to help out with guest service and watch lanes. Here’s where the issue comes in, I have friends that work in that area and chat with them on a daily basis; they have told me these past few weeks that the new GSTL has been giving them problems. They’ve already reported her to HR and told them that they can’t stand her attitude. Well, judging she is pregnant I’d say her hormones are up and down, give her some time. No. They don’t give her time, they complain to the point where they have HR move her to Starbucks. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU MOVE A PREGNANT WOMEN TO STARBUCKS?!! That’s the question I want answered… Worst of all they make her the new team lead. Do they not know they the team lead has to do heavy lifting and operate machinery in the back to get product off the pallets? What in their right mind would make them come to that stupid conclusion. I thought, “Oh, maybe they just want to have someone over there for now until she takes a LOA or until they get a new team lead for us.” Yatta yatta yatta… Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be unhealthy for the baby and her for being over there. We are under a lot of stress on a daily basis, and I do not want her to stress out right before she has it. I just want her to be safe. I can careless about her attitude and how she is going to run things. Should I or should I not bring this up with HR and see the reasoning behind this. What do y’all think? I’m so over Target and their stupid decision making.

I could also go on about other stuff but I’ll save those other stories for another rainy day…


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  • yeahright says:

    "Do they not know they the team lead has to do heavy lifting and operate machinery in the back to get product off the pallets?"

    Your store is definitely different from mine. The TL/LODs at my store NEVER use powered-equipment and very rarely do any heavy lifting. Nine times out of ten they tell someone else to do it, usually a backroom team member.

    But to answer your question, I doubt HR gave it a second thought. They probably assumed that because this gal is pregnant that other people would step in to assist her, be it true or not.

    At the same time though, if she's fine working at Starbucks and you don't mind her attitude, then I would leave it be. Going to HR on her behalf could be misconstrued, especially if she didn't ask for your help.

  • unhappybarista says:

    Yeah, the TL/LOD's all have to be certified at my store. It never used to be like that when we had our stuff stored in our clerical office till remodel, and then they had us move it to three pallets.

    That's what irritates me though... If I'm gonna be pulling product for someone at least have one of us get certified to pull pallets instead of waiting for backroom workers or LOD's to help us out. Because we usually wait a long period before someone can actually help us out and then put them back up, and that usually could last up to an hour and a half of us sorting stuff.

    I've kept my mouth shut and I'm probably not going to say nothing. I don't want to start causing problems. I'm just gonna have to trust this girl and see if she can try and keep up. But judging from the past we've had two girls leave quick with pregnancy related issues. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • ProhibitionRose says:

      I was working at a different Starbucks location (one inside a grocery store) when I was pregnant with my first child. What I noticed immediately when I started showing was that people tend to be nicer to you if they see you are pregnant.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Do you know this woman personally? Has she complained about the job? If not, and she is comfortable with the position then it's no big deal..why are you so concerned about her stress level? Maybe I just didn't understand what you wrote...

    Being pregnant doesn't mean that you can't do anything. I would think that she would have enough sense to discuss the situation with her doctor and HR herself, that is, if there is a situation.


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