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June 14, 2014 - nerevar59

“Pop quiz”

I lost my good job as a repair tech for a vacuum systems company back in March. I applied at Macy’s (they wanted to hire me @$7.25 hr), and of course, Target. They asked what position I was “really” interested in, and I said I’d like to be a salesperson. Ha!!!! Of course I had to run a register for my first day, and then day after day it was strays and pulls and zoning and back-up cashier. I spent only 4 weeks working there, and never got trained to do anything. I learned 4X4’s, and that was it. The management was okay, but one day, the asst. store manager ( I still don’t get the weird titles Target has ) asks me “Pop quiz, hotshot!”, and  looked at her like she was r******d and said “What?” She said I had clocked in 2 minutes early from lunch the week before. Big deal. It was the time clock being screwy for a lot of TM’s that day. Needless to say, my higher paying job called me and wants me back. So goodbye Targét! One day notice!


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