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January 1, 2011 - Mel

Poor customer service in Westland

I recieved a pack-n-play for a baby shower gift in June, I know some time has passed but it broke after only the 3rd time using it. The hinge won’t lock. They were the only store that carried they item, I also recieved the matching swing and bouncer. Went on Monday to exchange & was told they would return/exchange but needed the receipt. I made the call the the gift giver (my grandmother in law) and obtained the original receipt. Went back today (2 days later), won’t exchange, manager at Westland store Chris rude accused me of returning it because of christmas (I didn’t ask for cash back I asked for a working item) Then tells the girl to see if they have item in stock then just walks away with out finishing the problem, they obviously dont have it (mind u about 5 or 6 other stores in the area do) then when i make him come back says “I knew we didn’t have it.” THEN why did she check and leave before rectifying the situation. POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE won’t be shopping at Target anymore.



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