Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 4, 2014 - LODSaretheMissingLink

One thing you need to realize is..

..if you work at Target you are their bitch. You are no longer Joe Blow, but rather Target Employee #006873. Social occasions? Going out on FRIDAY NIGHT?? HA. You make Target laugh. When you work for Target you become a little ant in a colony of 99999 ants. YOU ARE NOTHING TO THEM. You smell like shit because your life revolves around kissing your LOD’s ass. Mmm yes kiss more ass and you’ll get that nice $0.09 raise you always wanted. Maybe even get your hours moved from 20 a week to 23 despite the fact that you told them you could work 40 a week. What’s that? The GSTL said you need to retrieve carts from the parking lot? First clean up that smeared fecal matter in the bathroom you worthless sack of shit. What? You have a funeral to attend? Oh okay get Target Employee #009876 to cover for you- OH WAIT HE CAN’T because he’s going into overtime and I can’t allow that. Oh I guess you’ll just have to miss that funeral or else have it held against you. You asked for change 20 minutes ago? Who did you ask? I know you’re full of shit because that person never forgets to get change. Why the fuck isn’t Dollar Spot fixed up? What? It was Target Employee #009876’s job to clean it up? Well I know you know you should have done it so I’m writing you up for being a bad slave. Oh hey can you stay late tonight to help us clean? WHAT??? NO???? YOU DARE SAY NO TO YOUR LOD???? YOU DAAAAARE? PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR HOURS CUT TO PRACTICALLY NOTHING HAHAHAAAAA.What’s up? You don’t like the way your LOD is treating you? Gonna do something about it, you little bitch? Gonna call that hotline like a little cwybaby? Awwww look at little Target Employee #006873 cwying he’s a cwwwwyyybaaaabyyyyy. Gonna quit? Nah you’re too much of a little bitch, so I’ll just have to terminate your employment myself, and there’s not a God damn thing you can do about it.


     ^This is the mentality of every higher-up at Target. Whether they were born like this or were just corrupted by the petty authority Target gave them, 99% of the time your LOD will be like this. I’ve noticed in a lot of the more recent posts people were posting shit about their LOD’s being narcissistic asswhipes, but honestly, that’s Tarshit for you. Higher-ups act like they’re highway patrol, waiting for that next guy to fuck up so they can put on the sirens and feel like a big man when really they’re just a fucking Smurf deep down inside. If you really care about your shitty, shitty job at Target you need to realize that THIS is how your LOD’s, GSTL’s, GSA’s etc. minds work.




  • TargetGrunt says:

    Our new backroom TL got after me the other day for not being "Low & Productive" despite there not being any room on the shelves below while backstocking. When I tried to tell him there wasn't any room he said, that it was "not an option, but an expectation" and that if I didn't like it I could "work somewhere else." He then threatened me with corrective action and told me to watch my "negative attitude."

    All this despite how long I've been with the company, the fact that I worked 45 hour weeks during 4th quarter and have the strongest numbers in the backroom.

    They don't give a shit and never will, but unfortunately retail is all there is where I live. Can't afford to move either, so I'm more or less stuck for now.

  • viciousdave says:

    For me, I've had the opposite happen. I have been complaining that my back hurts a lot lately, so that sucks and I can barely work. Yet, I have more hours. What? No remorse? Nope. 8 hours for 5 days in a row, normal right, but I have a bad back and after 4 hours I feel like I can't stand and I can barely keep working and work while bent over on the register. Do they care? No. Give less hours next week? No. They make me suffer more and more by giving more hours and giving me more pain, it's like they are trying to make me quit by working me too hard. Oh and I have a brain tumor right now, after doctors found it 2 years ago and I got surgery to remove some of it as much as they could without killing me of course, well, the TLs have no remorse and no health concern for me at all. Lets overwork Dave and make him quit or swear and fire him for a reason or make him quit on his own. I can just see them laughing now. No health concerns? Fuck Target, I mine as well call health legislature or whatever number I can about this crap.

  • Silverfox says:

    I say call the feds on them. They are already in hot water over the data breach. They won't mind more hot water.

  • famouswriter17 says:

    This is the most accurate thing I have ever written. I wish the damn idiots would see this. What would thy have to say then? "Do you now what I mean by full ALL the outs?" Yes master, I was busy helping your guests. What's that? You want me to do everything at once? Fucking bastards I work for.

  • keepthevibealive says:

    Lol this story is funny....,


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