Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 31, 2013 - chhhris

Now it’s Target Ticket.

Target is launching it’s wannabe iTunes, Netflix mashup Target Ticket which is like a VUDU site where you can buy movies and shit and have a digital copy. Well sure, great Target you’re catching up with the 2010’s. But now it’ll be our fucking job to push target ticket.

I work electronics, and though I prefer electronics than being fucking sales floor having to clean up after a dumb cunt’s kids at the toys are because she wont control them, working electronics is getting to my fucking nerves as well.

So as some might know, electronics sales work with pushing attachments and service replacement plans. If we don’t sell a fucking $10 HDMI with that $500 TV they bitch because they aren’t getting $510 (which honestly makes me avoid selling shit to keep my attachment number high rather than actual ammount of sales done, which is not how i thought it would be, they’d rather get $0 than $500 instead of $510).

Attachments aside, the GSTL looooves to depend on electronics for red cards so half of the messages on the walkies are just annoying us to get them some red cards (train your fucking cashiers we have attachments and srps to worry about).

And recently it became surveys, GSTLs are now annoying us about red cards AND surveys, so now when we are with a guest we have to lie to them into thinking they need that HDMI, we have to tell them the SRP will cover like two things that most likely wont happen to that TV, and then ask them to apply for a red card to get 5% (less than the tax) off, and THEN ask them to take a survey because they have 1/4398653202458 chances of winning a $10,000 giftcard….. Well now they’ll be asking us to push target ticket.

So basically we have to ask them for an attachment, an srp, a red card, a survey and to sign up for our iTunes attempt. Next year we’ll be asking them if they’d like to donate their eggs and sperm and the next year we’ll be asking if the’yd like to accept jesus in their hearts.






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