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August 4, 2017 - TargetSucks

No Names

There are some pretty horrible cuntnugget shitbags that work for Tarshit, and some of you may really hate some of them. That’s all fine and good. Don’t name them here. Call out your store if you want, even say a first name if you feel that you have to, but do NOT say anybody’s full name. It’s best to change names of people for your own safety. If we catch anybody using a full real name, we may choose to delete the post, and even their account in some cases (neither are guaranteed and we take no responsibility for any posts on this site).

If she’s a cunt, call her Cunty McCuntface. Her real name should be saved for your lawsuit. If he’s a dick, call him Dickface McTwatisckle. Tell your stories, and leave out the real names until you’re filing in court.



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