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November 28, 2013 - 24601

No More (Part Two)

The FA at my Target is quite possibly the most boring place on earth. I clean everything several times over and get bored. I can only clean the same (already clean) 25 square feet of space so many times in a day before wanting to do something else. I’m the only one that does the monthly tasks and I usually do about half of the weekly tasks. Truthfully I just want to work somewhere else in the store.

We’re not supposed to have cell phones with us at work because they’re distractions. That literally doesn’t stop a single one of us from bringing them. In the 15 minute intervals where there are two of us overlapping I have seen almost all of them whip out their cell phones to text their respective boyfriends. I keep mine on me, too, but I don’t actually text anyone with it. I’m just paranoid and have it on me for emergencies. Most of the time it isn’t even on.

One of the GSAs actually told me that it was a good idea to keep a notebook back there and write in it to make it look like we’re working when we run out of things to do. Another one agreed with this as a valid pass time. For the first month or so, I didn’t do this because I figured it wasn’t very good work ethic. I kind of caved though- and pretty quickly.

I also tend to get dehydrated pretty easily and have drinks in the little office area- where we don’t keep any food. Apparently this is still a health code violation- along with keeping drinks with you on the floor. Once again, it’s something almost all of us do.

I have gotten in trouble for all of these things. I am the only one there who has. I’ve also gotten in trouble for slacking off- which brings me back to the monthly tasks. There’s one left for the month; I have done every single one of the other ones.



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