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November 28, 2013 - 24601

No More (Part one)

Are GSAs supposed to be in charge of FA? They are at the store I work at.

The only reason I have a problem with this is that our GSAs also go on major power trips. The only good one left right after my ninety days ended she was a genuinely nice person and she was fantastic at her job. The rest of them are either nice or know what they are doing. Occasionally both happen at the same time, but more often than not neither does. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike them all. I just hate working with most of them. Truthfully I just hate that they’re in charge because all sorts of things end up going wrong.

The only male GSA started the same day I did. He’s generally a nice guy and is usually pretty easy to work with. The only problem is he doesn’t completely know what he’s doing. There was a night I got slammed while I was supposed to be closing- which at a lot of other Targets wouldn’t be a problem because they have more than one person working in FA at a time (of course, other Targets also have an TL for FA, a position not found in our store). I asked for help five times. I even asked the LOD if it would be possible to stay late because there was no way I’d be able to clean Food Ave in time to clock out. This GSA said he would come help me and ended up never doing it. After I clocked out, I wrote a list of what wasn’t done and how to do them/where things were at. He got pissed that I wasn’t finished and ended up having someone else finish closing. I had three different Team Leads chew me out for it the next day, along with the coworker who had to open- but then they figured out what happened and everything was fine.

Normally I actually have the opposite problem in FA- which is why there’s only ever one of us working.


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  • viciousdave says:

    They are some big pricks than. You did your job. If you can't get it done before shift is over, that's there fault, not yours. You can't help it when 20 guests spilled pop corn all over and there's a ton of pop on the tables and cheese sauce. Here's where I've learned though as I've been there 5 years. When you haven't gotten something done before end of work time, keep doing the task at hand and finish it, you will get paid for those extra minutes you worked as the clock pays you down to the minute you clocked out at. It's illegal for them not to pay you for the full time you were there and that's why a time clock is there. It gets more done and more importantly, it gets you more money on your paycheck than just some 30 to 38 hours. If a TL or LOD asks why the hell are you still here, you're scheduled to be off now, tell them the truth, you ended up with more work than what could be accomplished within time due to so many guests being rude with there food and making spills everywhere. Being truthful is number one thing to do, just keep doing the job and get it done, you will get paid for the extra minutes as every state labor law says so.


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