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September 1, 2015 - KissMyAssTarget

No I can’t come in early

Here ‘s the thing, I already work 40hrs a week during the day at my full time job. Now I work damn near 4ohrs a week at night including weekends at Target. I get out of work at 5pm and I go home to change into my Target uniform, swallow some dinner as fast as I can (because who isn’t hungry after a long day of working?), and make my way to Target, (MY PART TIME JOB) so I can be there by my scheduled time. Target knows this, the managers know this, LOD’s or whoever else is in charge at Target. They all know this. So why the fuck are you going to call me and ask if I can go in earlier? Do you not realize that I am already at work at my full time job? Do you actually think I will leave my better paying job early so I can go add an extra $9 to my next Target check? Wake the hell up you old whore bag. Do you not realize that I get out of my full time job during rush hour? Do you not take that into consideration? I don’t live a block away from Target. It will take me some time to get there. Fucking think for a second you dumb cunt! No I don’t want to come in earlier. Ask me that shit during the weekend. Common fucking sense. Then the bitch had the nerve to get an attitude when I said no. Really bitch? Really? Pay me some more money and I just might come in earlier. Until then go fuck yourself Target 🙂


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  • chu89 says:

    Soooo good!

    During my short time there I was asked daily to pick up extra shifts... even if I was already scheduled for that shift. It's like the ETLs have no clue about any of it, and just cold call all employees.

    I also love how they keep us part-time to avoid offering us benefits... but expect us to work 39.99 hours a week.

    • Silverfox says:

      There's a reason why people say target canada was just zellers just with a fresh slap of paint on. a lot of things are the same including employee benefits. You only get health benefits, etc if you are a full timer.

  • Viberator says:

    @chu89 you qualify for benefits if you average 30+ hrs/wk regardless if you're part-time, full-time, or any other designation.
    I also know that only the best TMs are called for extra shifts, you should take that as a compliment. As far as the attitude from whoever called, I'd explain to them that you'd be happy to work extra hours in an attitude free work place, but from the tone of your voice I decided that it wouldn't be beneficial to come in early today. Then give a large smile and walk away while they are still collecting thoughts.


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