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June 17, 2015 - djs

New procedures

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does.  New procedures were introduced for offload.  Now, its a five man crew who rotate through the offload.  So now a 1.5 hr off load (typically truck 2500) is 3-4 hrs.  When a person knows what numbers he is looking for, they switch positions during off load.  Now more wrong boxes are on the wrong pallets.  No back-stock, everything is pushed to floor including boxes that are not set yet (future transition dates).   So now, when you are working an area, you will not have all your freight when you start to work, so you are backtracking to areas causing more time.   In addition, no carts are to be used at all, no cages for trash on floor after store opens.   Three tier carts, tubs, or flats….. oh but there is not enough at all to go around.  Therefore, if you have one, better tie it to you or someone will take it.   Repack boxes…. take a box and work it (which means it gets pushed to back due to lazy employees and back-stocked, only to come right back out during day pulls).  H&B used to separate all repack boxes into carts by aisle and put the pulls in with them.  Work an aisle at a time.  Now, they unload a repack into a three tier in the backroom and go to work it, and repeat over and over.  Flow team now went from barely getting 30 hrs a week to maxing out their 40 before their shifts are done.  Flow team backroom averages about 10 hrs a day and still does not get all back stock done.  Day side back room doesn’t have time either since they are now required to do manual pulls (pull, work on floor, backstock) in evening when day pulls are done so back-stock is there for flow along with new back-stock from day.  Freight is accumulated into a trailer that was not worked for that day and gets pushed the next day and hope to catch up on non-truck days.   This is causing cut-hours for day side employees who are not unhappy.  Also causing backroom errors since they are letting ‘untrained/new’ employees back-stock to get it done.    Not to mention trying to find ‘FA’ orders that are somewhere in the undone freight.   In addition, these ‘my devices’ are jokes.  They keep going down and freeze.  PDA’s are very hard to find and don’t ever let it out of your site if you are lucky to have one.  Our STL cuts hours and doesn’t hire in positions.  The only time we have enough employees to run the store smoothly is when we are getting a visit, then it seems we are overflowing.  We have merchandise that was never set, but was tied to false locations to fake the paperwork.  Therefore it all went clearance.  We have items with zero capacity that never get filled since computer doesn’t know better.  But you can’t change capacity at the store level, you have to put in ‘my support’ and hope it will be changed.  Our STL has been at this store for years and is a ‘yes man’.  Will not go against procedure that comes from above and will not listen to how or why it does not work.    Oh, someone mentioned raises… yeah we got them but never have seen any reviews to find out why it was a certain amount.  And the ‘starting pay raise’ was a joke to those who have started prior to this past year.  Was told it would be one way and it was not, was not happy and was told corporate changed it.  Therefore some new hires (in past year that were up for a raise) are getting equal to those who have worked there for a few years, how is that fair?   And now, they are starting ‘ship from store’…….  lets see how this goes.



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