Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 24, 2011 - bullseyed

Never work for Target!

I would not recommend working for Target. I never had an employer treat me or other co-workers the way they did. I use to love their products and now I don’t even want to drive past a Target. It’s like I have post traumatic stress┬ásyndrome from the whole experience. I know it sounds a little dramatic but this company does not care about you and will tear you down to nothing. Work fast work faster be the fastest!!!


Employee Experience


  • Daitachiu1234 says:

    your right they do treat employees like trash i am not the fastest person on the planet and my TL freaking gets on my case about speed

  • hydroa says:

    Rember guys Fast Fast Fast.....i u low u got to oooand if your really fast u dont get anything for it but a great job heres a stupid card saying thanks for working harder for no reason buddy...Fast Fast Fast dont worry about the Fun and the other F....should be well u can fill the word yourself...

  • Notstaying says:

    yea, my 4th day on the job yesterday and my LOD tells me I need to do my gobacks with more urgency, LOL!! I'm new, it takes me longer to find stuff and it doesn't help that there are never any walkies available when i get there so I cant call for help.'s target, you're not saving the world.


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