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July 22, 2014 - target_employee_not_for_long

MyTime-> “For the Team Members”

So I guess MyTime has rolled out… Does anyone else absolutely hate it?

First off, it totally ignores everyone’s availability, doesn’t accept any Time Off requests or Availability changes. I have needed two weekends off and every time I tried to request off it was denied and I was scheduled, even when I told HR this. We also now only have two softlines team members after seven pm, which means we are guaranteed not to get anything done and the LOD will flip out on us. Yay, us!


The store I work at has gone from always looking very well zoned in the morning to being a wreck because “Oh, they did a mid-day in this area, so we don’t need anyone to zone it”. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way, Target. MAX was way better, even if it WAS down more than it was working.




  • TargetGrunt says:

    From what I was told by my STL the main reason myTime was implemented was because certain stores were spending way too much on payroll. Funny thing about that, from what I've been hearing, is that every store that has adopted myTime has gone to complete and utter shit because NO ONE has hours anymore. The higher-ups are expecting all of us to get the same (or greater) amount of work done with less hours now, which is completely nonsensical. But hey, gotta make sure those shareholders are happy, right?

    • Barytone says:

      myTime basically schedules people based on sales forecasts (which I have no idea how they come up with that number) and peak sales time.

      They give out those stupid four hours shifts because they project the store to be busier at that time so they can afford to have more people helping out.

      This also shoots us in the foot, because usually sales are down in the morning and at night so they don't schedule enough closers to finish the zone and reshop and then they don't have enough people to do it in the morning.

      • TargetGrunt says:

        Sales forecasts are based on last year's sales plus an extra 5-10% under the assumption that sales will be higher this year.

        I mean, I can understand wanting to have people in the store during the busiest times but doing so by screwing everyone over seems ludicrous at best.

        Not to mention flow team usually has the sales floor littered with garbage and cardboard for the first few hours the store is open.

  • Silverfox says:

    lol going the way of Wal-Mart. don't keep up with news I guess. people started going to target because they had enough people stocking. no empty shelves. I guess target wants empty shelves uniform across all targets in north America.

  • TGTDude says:

    Our store is in transition to the new system so everything is down right now.

    But for the past few months, nobody's time off requests have been getting approved with MAX self service. They all auto-deny. HR lies and says they didn't see the request. Truth is they ignore it and let it deny so they can pretend that they didn't deny it themselves. And then you end up scheduled for the day that you wanted off, and they tell you that you are responsible to get it covered.

    I never cuss, but here I go...this is BullShit.

    Thank you for this site. It gives me comfort to know that it's not just my store where something is wrong. These issues are company-wide.

  • tgtbabe says:

    at the target store that I am employed at , they ignore our time off requests as most off the employees have left . they are giving us all many more hours right now as so many are on vacation , but they show the favoritism by scheduling that faves in the day time and torturing the least faves by giving them 5 closing shifts in a row to do pulls and zone !

  • TargetMinion says:

    I work as an HR TM at my store. I can tell you first hand that with MAX, the HR Team and the STL would be notified via messages if a TMs time-off or availability change had no action taken and was about to be auto-denied. They would only escalate those messages to us on Monday for the schedule we were writing that Thursday (Tuesday was the day it auto-denied if no action was made by close of business day). The system literally gave you less than 48 hours to address the escalation. I had the o.k. from my awesome STL at the time (now I have a dumb bitch) to approve any escalations. His philosophy was if the ETL/TL were too lazy to keep up with it, then too bad, it was being approved for the TM once it escalated to HR. If they already approved previous requests and would be short staffed in their workcenter, too bad. It was tough love, and I loved it.

    With MyTime, we don't get shit. Seriously. I check my messages/alerts in my MyTime Self Service every morning and at the end of my shift. All I see are punch corrections and vacation/PH payouts to approve. I've had several TMs complain their requests were auto-denied but yet me and my ETL HR never got them. I even had their TL or ETL sit down and log in so I could see what went through to them, and nothing. It's a glitch that I've MySupported, but we all know how quickly and properly those get addressed. They even have this MyTime number for the HR Team to call and get help, but that's a crock of shit as well. You're lucky if somebody in America picks up. 90% of the time it goes oversees and I get so frustrated that I can't understand their mumbling I just hang up. I'm pretty sure they've flagged me as a bitch and avoid my calls and MySupports because I just can't fake being nice and polite to some stupid shit that doesn't even know anything Target related, but works for the company as "Support"

    O.k, that's the end of my MyTime rant for today.

  • Targhay says:

    I do believe that MyTime has removed the ability of HR people to do much. My problem is with 5.75-hour shifts -- which guarantee that you go over 2.5 hours without a break. So I get lots of these (about which I have complained through 3 HR people so far, two of whom have promised to do something about it -- and one who just made fun of me) and others get 2..5-hour shifts. I tried to change my availability, but the program wouldn't let me, even though the LOD tried to help me with it. What would happen if, on those 5.75-hour shifts, I repeatedly exceeded compliance?


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