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August 25, 2015 - InfinityForever and idiotic I.T.

Okay to explain I recently got my new Redcards, both the credit and the debit with that new chip and pin system. So I got the credit first and decided to activate it online to better manage account, and just got my debit to try and activate that too. Well when I tried logging in and activating it, it says I couldn’t cause all cards associated are already active. I was confused because it has all my information on there but doesn’t show both cards. So I call customer service which is obviously outsourced (a HUGE pet peeve as I barely understand them, they do NOT speak fluent English), to find out what is going on. Even though I made a personalized login and password, I apparently have to create a whole new one just for the debit card, rather than having both cards on ONE account. The reason I was given is because the account numbers are different…well DUH!! How stupid do you think I am? No the accounts are the same but the numbers on the cards are different…no it doesn’t work like that. So other places I’ve gotten cards from (as in more than one) I’m able to sign in ONCE and get access to whatever cards for that particular site. Now mind you these are different retailers, more precisely Best Buy and Walmart. However they at least allow me to access any cards I have with them through one login. So why is it so difficult for Target to do the same thing? Why does someone have to create a whole separate login for their same person but a different account? It makes absolutely no sense, and I swear they are complete idiots. I’m tempted to just get rid of both cards entirely and boycott Target because this is BEYOND stupid.


Target, PLEASE put actually COMPETENT people in your customer service or IT phone lines…ones that speak FLUENT ENGLISH!!


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