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July 21, 2015 - Channing1976

MyDevice sucks!!

They need to get rid of those Mydevice’s. They are useless as the Lod’s and employees. They dont work, the wifi never works, the batteries on them dont last, you always have to charge them every few hours, they shouldve had chargeable batteries with them. Whoever came up with this idea is stupid and needs to be shot!!!


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yeah the new red cover iPod touch inside like things? Yeah they suck. I get about 13 guests a day with them as they just ask the service desk is there anyway I could get the cartwheel app as I don't have a cell phone. Gives them that mydevice crap.

  • cashier says:

    Well you can't bring a rechargeable battery with it cause it's an ipod touch or iphone and they don't work that way. But I tend to toss mine across the aisle when no ones looking just from the frustration I get from these. Lately they've been disconnecting randomly and...yeah, if it wasn't for those impact proof cases...

  • cathairisthenewblack says:

    Not to mention the scanners on those cases like to randomly quit working. When force closing the MyWork app doesn't get it working, I discovered that if you pop open the case, pull out the ipod and pop it back in again, sometimes that'll work so you don't have to reboot the whole damn thing. But then, we got new pieces fitted on the cases so that they are now screwed shut. Thanks Target.

  • Softlines Ninja says:

    What good can you expect from crapple. Though, my device helps me more than my team does. If the wifi works, which generally it does if I hold it up into the air like it's Simba, then I can assist all those questions that are not in my area of expertise. Plus, taking random photos and setting them as the wallpaper makes me happy.


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