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March 31, 2014 - VibeLess

“My Time” The “Guest” Driven Schedule

Okay. First, I would like to say that I absolutely love this website, I could not agree more with any of the posts and it makes me feel better after another shitty work day at the Red and Khaki Hell I submit myself to on a daily basis.

I have yet to read a post on the “new” scheduling, and I’m just curious to know if it’s just my store deciding to fuck us over or if it’s every store. Here are the changes that my store has had starting this week:

1 cashier only and 1 guest service employee. This would make sense, if we had “self checkouts” ….but we don’t. Instead, our 2 (at most) sales floor people who are scheduled are expected to “VIBE”, zone half of the store each, finish all the pulls left over since nobody is scheduled to push them, ReShop all while responding to “back up cashier” requests every 2 minutes. Every time you respond to backup, you get stuck up there for 40 minutes because the guests are too stupid to look to see that the actual cashier’s light is turned on and yours is not. How many times do they say “Oh, I didn’t realize your light was off.” I usually don’t even have a response to them, just a half-ass smile at best. On the newest schedules we aren’t scheduled ad at all on Saturday nights, everyone is out at 10 instead of 11? The backroom hours are almost non-existent and the only POG hours are spent responding to the million back up cashier requests.  Also, the guests now can get away with anything, they can return items that probably aren’t even from Target and we’ll still accept them. “Make it right.” lmao.


I have spent the last few years working my ass off for this company, always doing everything right, even getting lousy recognition at “smart huddles”.. the only kind of recognition I would like is a legit raise but that’s not in Target’s vocabulary. When you first start working at Target it seems like a GREAT place to work. After a few months you start to realize how shitty and unprofessional the managers are. I actually have an ETL who’s first job was a Target ETL, I think she has a Bachelor’s in ….Arts? Sweet. I am fortunate enough to actually like most of my managers with the exception of one, I sincerely believe they are as frustrated with Target Corporate as the rest of us, but will they ever give that feedback to the uppers? Doubtful, especially when they have bonuses waving in front of their faces. Our ETL’s always call our TL’s to ask them to stay home to save payroll hours. This company is beyond pathetic, I’m wondering if other stores are experiencing this new set of bullshit.


I’ll end this rant with the most annoying things that “guests” say on a daily basis. Feel free to add.


Fitting Room Attendant: “How many items do you have?” and the guest responds with: “Oh, I don’t know…a lot”

Okay, you can take in 6, choose wisely.


Guest says, “Fine, I’ll just go to Walmart.”

Okay, drive safe.


Guest says: “Is it safe for me to use my debit card?”

Probably not.


Guest says: “Excuse me, do you work here?”

..No, I just wear red and khaki and have a Target name badge for fun.


Guest on the phone says: “Can I please be connected to somebody in microwaves?”

…What the fuck are you talking about? I can connect you with a team member, the only team member on that whole side of the store who might be able to read a description off a box, at best. We don’t specialize in products you fucks, Target stripped those positions along with anything else that pays more than minimum wage.


Guest referring to clearance items: “Is this on sale?”

Do you see a fucking orange sticker that says “Clearance?” No.


Guest Says: “Can you tell me how much this is?”

No, but the price scanner right next to you can.







  • TargetGrunt says:

    "I’m just curious to know if it’s just my store deciding to fuck us over or if it’s every store."

    At my store we've got a similar situation: one cashier, one guest service employee, the GSTL, a few opening sales floor TMs and then flow until 10 or 11am. Both sales floor and flow "vibe" with guests and respond to backup calls. We've also got the self-check, so it's not terrible.

    Hours are still pretty shit, though, despite us being down half of our staff. Unless you're a E/TL, then you're working a good 35-40 hours a week.

    "I actually have an ETL who’s first job was a Target ETL, I think she has a Bachelor’s in ….Arts?"

    My ETL got a full-ride basketball scholarship and has a Bachelor's in... something. I forget. He was an LP ETL before he came to our store, but still, Target was his first job right out of college.

    “Can you tell me how much this is?”

    I still remember there was one day where a guest asked me to check a price on something and I literally took the item, swung it to my left maybe 3 inches and scanned it on the price scanner. When I told her the price she just glared and me and walked away.

    I so badly wanted to say "I'm sorry you're too stupid to use the price scanner yourself. Have a good day."

  • dinglehopper says:

    It's not just your store. Most TMs at my store are getting 12-20 hours per week. Pretty much the only people getting solid hours are TLs. Just another day in paradise.

  • tarhellno says:

    They have cut staff so much here that there are many shifts left and no one will take them even when scheduled for 20 hours... we have 4 more TLs than we are supposed to and they don't train people to cashier. My first ETL had a degree in basket weaving. 3 current ETLs have degrees in early childhood education.. no wonder they don't treat workers as they should.

  • TargetGrunt says:

    I found out a few days ago that even though we're spending about as many hours as we did last year, logistics at my store is somehow 500 hours over budget according to MyTime.

    I'm pretty sure HQ thinks we're robots now.

  • Ishmael says:

    Our backroom used to come clean most of the time, even with our logistics TL pulling us to push Chem and paper after first break, not any more. MY TIME seems to think we have guests overnite so instead of everyone coming in at 10pm and leaving at 6:30am they have half the nightshift coming in at Midnight and leaving at 4am, lots of call outs from people who take a bus to work and the bus does not run at those hours. Several times I wound up on the flow team after pulls and never got back to do backstock and the other night I was the only backroom TM there from 4am to 6:30am with all the freight from the push coming up. I had to work like a dog just to find room for all the pallets. Every night its piling higher and every week we get less hours. At this rate there will no room left for backstock by Sept. Oh and they said they were giving our hours to the sales floor, which explains the row after row of shopping carts full of stuff in the maintance corridor.


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