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July 31, 2012 - TheAssistant

My Story

First off, I’ve just got to say, I didn’t honestly know sites like this existed.

Or, to clarify, that they were ALLOWED to exist without repercussions from Target.

I’m guessing now that all of the stuff about ‘you can’t talk about Target or your work experience on the internet or you’ll get fired’ was complete and utter BOLLOCKS.

Side note- I use British slang and grammar.

Moving on.

When I first heard that a Target store would be built in my town, I was excited. Ecstatic even. After one year of trying to find a job, here was my chance. About a year or so later, I was hired for Flow team. At first it wasn’t that bad. I was one of four electronic flow team members, and I enjoyed my job. I had two team leads, a woman and a man. The woman happened to also be an ETL. After about a month, however, she just started to outright HATE me. She’d yell at me, single me out, put me in different parts of the store, and generally make my life hell. The other team lead, the guy, said I was doing nothing wrong, as did the rest of my fellow team members. It got so bad that I would struggle not to cry every single moment I was there. I’m naturally a timid and gentle girl, and this woman was naturally abrasive and disgusting, so maybe it was the differences in our personalities. I’m still not sure. Enter my first bout with depression. Every day I’d want nothing more than to just curl up in a ball and die.

Then, I asked to be moved to dayshift. To hardlines. I wanted to be an electronics team member. I took the champion test and passed, 100%, my first time. I switched to hardlines, but no matter how well I did in electronics when I would cover for shifts or breaks, I was never made an electronics team member. I felt like their backup plan. I still do. And instead of hiring electronics team members from within, ie, me and two other people who’ve proven ourselves time and again, they waste money and hire newbies.

For a while, things started to get better. And then I was forced to interact more with the store manager. She’s… I don’t really know how to describe her. Robotic, horrifying, inhuman. She’s sickeningly sweet and fake-as-hell ALL THE TIME. Even when she’s angry or yelling at you, she’s got a smile on her face. I feel like I have to tip toe around whenever she’s near. And the new ETL guy is the same way.

I feel like I’m constantly being watched. And the team leads are ALWAYS checking up on me, no matter how well of a job I do. And now I’m being scheduled for stuff like softlines and instocks, and for the next two days I have to go in at 7am to do a ‘zone’ shift. This shouldn’t even be happening. My availability states that I’m NOT AVAILABLE until AFTER 8am, and that I should strictly be hardlines. I’m no longer being given sales planners to do, which I constantly made sure to tell my team lead that I enjoy doing them. And he was ecstatic. He couldn’t be happier. But now, nothing.

And now they’ve started firing very good, hard working people. People who everyone loved, and were very good at their individual jobs.

All in all, I’ve gone through four separate bouts of depression thanks to Target. And each time it’s been worse. Albeit, there are other things in my life right now that don’t help the situation. But that’s beside the point.

The point is that working at Target SUCKS MAJOR BOLLOCKS. I bloody HATE this company and the ONLY thing that’s keeping me there are the few good friends I have, including my original Flow guy team lead (who is now instocks team lead) and guest service team lead. I’m so tired of having to fake happiness all the time.

All of my close friends that don’t work at Target have heard these stories. And needless to say, the Target in my town will NOT be getting any applications from them. I would never willingly subject anyone to this… torture.

Now I’m constantly sat by the phone, waiting for a local theatre I’ve applied at to call. I can’t continue working at Target. I just can’t.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    Oh God, YES. Thank you, first and foremost, for being the easiest target in human history to take a jab at.

    First of all, are you actually English? Why the fuck else would you use words like "bollocks" and "bloody"? Is that your little way of attempting to be cute? It's not cute, it's 'bloody' annoying.

    I'm guessing that you aren't, in fact, English. I'm making this assumption from your statement, "Side note- I use British slang and grammar."

    So, I'll lay this out for you, going off of my 99% certainty that you are just a poser from Hell. Nobody likes hearing stupid shit like "bollocks", "bloody", "cheers", "cheerio", "baffies", etc. Especially if the douche bag spitting those words out is 100% full-blood American. I'm just going to let you know, everyone there probably viewed you as a complete loser. Which you almost undoubtedly are, since it took you a whole year just to land a job at Target....and the fact that you're waiting by the phone for a "lucrative" job offer from a theater.


    Here's why your ETL didn't like you: because you are annoying as shit, and you think you're unique, when in fact, you are just a royal d-bag. She's probably up to her ears with ways to murder you and get away with it, but since she can't, she just treats you like shit to suffice. As far as everyone else telling you that you do a great job, they're full of shit. Who the hell is going to tell you, "Well, you actually drive us all nuts with your gay-ass slang, and we all systematically find ways to avoid the living shit out of you whenever we see you coming".

    You not being placed in Electronics was your store's way of screaming in your face, "WE DON'T FUCKING LIKE YOU". Take the hint. They're hiring new people over you, for God's sake. YOU. SUCK.

    People hired on to the Planogram team are (most of the time) people who lack higher intelligence, good looks, charm, wit, or good people skills, and Target desperately tries to hide you cretins behind the curtains so that the "guests" won't know what kind of morons the company hires.

    Face it; you suck some serious ass, and your managers want to strangle you. Since you apparently don't do anything stupid enough to get fired for, they have no choice but to retain you. Don't mistake this for them actually liking you.

    Here's my advice:
    1) for the love of God, STOP TRYING TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH SLANG. This is America.
    2) Perhaps finish high school and gain some useful education beyond that, where you will mature into an adult and look back and realize what an idiot you were being.
    3) Reflect, reflect, reflect--you suck and need to stop.

    The End. Enjoy picking up popcorn and scraping gum off the bottom of the seats at the theater.

  • dogsrme says:

    Wow, hate_me, I guess there is no moderator here.

    "The Assistant" - It's been several months since you posted this. I hope you've never read it. The person who commented is mentally unwell in the harmful way.

    I hope you're doing well. I understand the depression thing. I felt it just walking into the training process. Seriously, what the fuck is the general problem with Target? Why can't they do better than this?

    Hope you have your better job. There are kind people out there.


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