Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 26, 2014 - redkard

My Experince

So I was hired as a seasonal worker. I was pretty excited about working  got hired as a cart attendant/ cashier for the most part i enjoyed it as it was a smaller target. Never was really bother for a cart attendant except for any spills . I ended up enjoying the cart attended job more than cashiering. The negative part of it was cashier as they did kind of push the red cards. The negatives were me being told to make sure you go to the front of registers to bring guests in and i got told how I was not doing that. So then I made sure did then later on i got told again it wasn’t that busy but by some else on what i need to do. What angers me about this would be that i see other cashiers would end up just talking to each other laughing   and not even be told once to go be standing out their to bring guest in to let them know your open.   Then one other problem i would have would be  just the red cards i freaking hate those things I don’t see the point in it at all most people tell me no and then i would even get moved to an express lane because   they wanted more red cards. Ion my It wasn’t the worst experience I have ever had but after reading some of the peoples  posts I could see why  target sucks.  For me this target is not as bad as how other peoples experiences had gone. I did come end up seeing it from the other persons shoes and see the difficulty that others have at their retail job and dealing with other  employees  and customers.




  • Tiamarie says:

    So apparently at store 1198 target lods can hand out with flirt with n spend unprofessional time with team members and no one do a damn thing about it... shows the kind of management we have at target where she shelby spend allday eating lunch..wrkn side by side sitting in her office together with jus one employee n no one correct her behavior ..very unprofessional smh.


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