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November 4, 2013 - 412seals

My Email I sent to the Leadership in My Store after being Canned for requisitioning my heart out.

I deleted all the names to avoid any kind of action being taken against me but here is what i sent out to all the Target shitheads at my old store,

Hello all,

I would like to start off by apologizing. Apologizing for taking what I did. A stupid, trivial amount that will ultimately cost me in the end, I messed up real bad, and I am truly sorry.Some second chance company. Let me tell you a little about myself. When i was 13 my father decided to have his house renovated, three months in the contractor left town with half the money that my father had put up front initially. The place I once called home was now barely habitable, exposed frames and woodworks, an unfinished bathroom and kitchen, tore apart floor and an overall stench to the place. Thus died my home. I have never had a home since. I broke my leg in high school and lost two scholarships. I had no hope of ever making out of the hole where my parents hated each other and financial trouble led us all to depression, I broke my leg the day after i got my first real girlfriend, she was cheating by the third day after. After losing everything i attempted suicide by popping 10,000 MG of the pain killer Vicodin, I slept for 38 hours and no one noticed.The only time she was not was when she was pregnant with my world .
After trying to work out with the woman who had ruined the years after my leg injury did’nt work at all. I was once again angry. I was promoted at Target and Given a raise of .75 cents when moving from TM to TL and boy did I break my back, I broke my back for 10.96. I was the backbone for many in the store and executed everything. I was promised more money and a SFT positon, money never came and never said a word to me when I would approach him. For months on end I would grit my teeth and do everything for everyone, and through it all, was still the only one who gave a damn. So I truly am sorry i cracked finally. I thank you for ruining my dreams, If I was making just two dollars more an hour I could have afforded a place of my own. a home that I never had. A place where i could wind down with Maya my daughter and escape and be happy, I was never happy, Congratulations 2490, you almost claimed a soul. There is far more to the story but i shall keep this short and simple.
To , I know what you and  used to do in the Team Lead office, I’m glad that your current at work affair is in fact kept OUT of work.
To , perhaps you should value others more than you do yourself, you are pompous, rude, and arrogant. Try and avoid having drinks and going out with the team under you as well.
To , face it, you are incompetent and always will be, you do not have what it takes and hide your own lack of confidence in yourself with attitude and your lack of common sense, step down while you can, fourth quarter will end your days at Target.
To , quit acting like the deer in the headlights. You are the newcomer and quite empty when it comes to the abundance of nothing in your head, try using that “communication” degree and communicate some help.
To, who so sincerely made it clear that I would not be able to step down once promoted and that any more money would be out of the question, a big THANK YOU for starting me off angry and unhappy.
To , you will never be STL material, an STL is someone who is real with everyone they meet, you are a conniving, sniveling woman who will buckle under  visits. You won’t stand up for anyone in the store and will not do what it takes to get that store green again. You will keep it stagnant as it has ever been,
To Mrs , I will miss you dearly and I’ll always be your Captain, I’m sorry that you have to deal with everyone as I did, but as an immigrant I truly believe that you have a completely different mindset than that of the others and for that reason, you outperform everyone and remain loved and true to yourself, thank you.
Last but not least, my dear , the walking erection. There has never been a day when I don’t think you’ve made advances towards our team there. I know for a fact you have been in relations with a TM by the initials CB, and that advances were made towards MM as well, I will continue that list on a seperate email I will be sending to . You have a gorgeous woman at home and a job you should care for, perhaps it is you who should be making better choices in life. If anyone hires any attractive female TMs please give them fair warning that  will be making advances and following up with them as well.
I will miss you all dearly and if anyone needs anything you can contact me, as I still care, even after being treated unfairly and working under the most unfit and unprofessional leadership I ever have. Thank you for what I did learn though. How to strive to be unlike the rest in every way I can from here on out, a good man.
                                     Yours, Ever so Truly,

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  • TargetSucks says:

    It sounds like you got fired for theft, and then blamed them for it? Am I missing something here?

  • Junip says:

    I'm pretty every store has a zero tolerance policy for theft…no matter how sad you life story is.

  • yeahright says:

    Yeah, I think some clarification is needed. You mention requisitioning in the title, yet apologize for "taking" what you did.

    Requisitioning costs the company money, so if you did requisition a lot, or requisitioned product for personal use, then I'm not surprised they came down on you.


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