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September 28, 2013 - TargetSucks

More hours and overtime!

So I punched in my number today to start work, the HR TL asked me in her office as I walked by, turned around, came in said oh you said my name?  “yeah”.  So she started saying “We would just like to know everyone’s hours availability for the upcoming holidays.”  Asked about Thanksgiving, black Friday after Thanksgiving, day before Christmas, Christmas whole week, Christmas Eve.  We all get Christmas day off of course, all businesses everywhere are closed mostly. Target and Walmart are closed anyway. I said yeah I’m available at all times, anytime, I don’t have a big family, it all works, no configurations needed, I’m available all of those days, no problem.  She than asked if I would even accept overtime during the holiday months if and when needed for extra help, I said yes to that also.  So apparently now over time is still not acceptable as no one ever gets over 40 hours on the work hours sheets of course we all know, but apparently during this holiday season overtime can be done!  OMG, so I’m gonna be exhausted and hussled and doing a lot of work, but the thing that keeps me working even though the job sucks and I hate talking to random people is thinking about money.  First off, I get paid holiday pay (time and a half) pay and I get more hours than I ever have before.  I’ll be faking the generosity even more this holiday season as I get paid big bucks and time a half pay and overtime pay also!  YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!


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  • TargetSucks says:

    I believe the follow up posts to this after you actually start working those hours, will be hilarious. 😉

  • Chris. 349 says:

    Lucky, no ones even bothered to ask me. A couple weeks ago I was given a confusing sheet of paper that went on about the need to work more hours. Last year I didn't have a chioce, Target just put me down for whatever. As of now no one in a supervisory position has even approached me. The only good thing about working more hours is making more money, but at the expense of general happiness.

  • buymeamovie1st says:

    Either A) you are a major ass kisser or B)they're lying to you and going to shaft you in the end. The possible third option is that you may temporarily get more because Target announced they are cutting their Holiday Hiring by 20 percent so prepared to to be overworked and under appreciated!

    • yeahright says:

      Yeah, as far as I understood overtime is only being approved for fourth quarter. It looked like the only people at my store getting asked about the holiday hours were the ones that didn't have open availability listed, too.

      I just hope they don't pull that "Black Thursday" bullshit again this year.

    • viciousdave says:

      I've been there for 5 years, always been a cashier and cart attendant. While I don't get many red cards and GSTls have been assholes to me about it, even though I ask a lot and what do you know, they all just say no to that red card. They usually give me a lot of hours though because they know I will fill in for missing cart attendant, know the PDA stock shelf system for items, and do cashier work fast as my main area is cashier. I usually solve problems easily with guests about prices and gift card deals too. So, they rely on me as a second TL helper and trainer for new people. GSTLs still on my ass about red card conversion crap, but when it comes to store making money and keeping guests, I do business, but I don't do what TLs want. I'm for business, not for capital gains over people appreciation.


    Get ready to get bent over and given to with out lube lol.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Um, you are joking right? You are working retail..make sure you put that OT on your Christmas wish list.. Just because hr asked you if you could work it, doesn't mean you will get it.. If you do yippee for you... Overtime should never be something that you count on in retail and especially at target.. If you do by chance get that it, sock the money away for all the hours you will not be getting come mid January..
    Target and most retailers will work your ass off when the demand is there, but if your hours get close to reaching your limit, usually some other temporary employee will be brought in so that their out of pocket expense doesn't go over budget...

    As I said before, good luck to you if you get that overtime but also be aware that any holiday hours you put in are grueling.. If you are cashiering don't even think you will be able to put your head up for air.. It's just ring ring ring. With guests getting more and more irritated by the minute..

    Oh and so you know, time and a half is only for thanksgiving day - our store will open 9 pm that night and stay open all night but the time and a half is from 9 pm thanksgiving until midnight then it goes back to straight time.
    Since target is closed on Christmas, there is no time and a half. Your next day of time and a half will be New Year's Day - if you are scheduled..

    Time and a half days are usually reserved for people who have been at the stores for a while and favorites, with other reliable people being able to fill in the gaps...

    • viciousdave says:

      Whoever you are, you don't know me. But I've been with Target for 5 years, almost 6 now. I have always worked Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving day, the store I work at is open all regular time all day on those days. I have gotten time and a half holiday pay for both. I do not lie. Sure, could be different for the one you are at. I know how to read a pay statement, every single year holiday pay is on it, I've counted it, it's exactly my pay and a half added to each hour. I don't lie about payroll I've gotten. Oh and it's busy like hell from October through February up here in my land of Minnesota.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Vicious dave..double check on your pay stubs..and on team member website
    Target is not opened all day thanksgiving.. It opens 9pm thanksgiving night..
    Christmas Eve you only get time and a half if you work from 5pm until 9 pm. I just saw it in black and white...
    I opened last year on Christmas Eve so I didn't see the holiday pay on my paystub

    • viciousdave says:

      I'm sorry you didn't, but I do. I remember all those great holiday pay checks for 7 to 8 hours and than regular pay for 30 hours. Great $620 checks about I got. Rest of year I'm lucky to get a $450 check. My store is wierd, it doesn't follow Target guidelines other than the Monday through Saturday 8AM to 11PM and Sunday 8AM to 10PM. Of course we follow the seasons, holoween, thankgiving, christmas. But where I live I have always worked every single year on Thanksgiving day and Christmas Eve. The only day of the year my store is totally closed is Christmas day. I'm sorry if you think I'm lying, but I don't lie, even my HR team just asked me if I could work Thanksgiving day open all day, I said yes, she said great of you to join on cause you get that holiday pay! We laughed and waahoooed.


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