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September 8, 2015 - chu89

Missing Paycheck…

My first paycheck should have been for my first day of orientation. When I went to pick it up I was told that because I didn’t have my numbers I wasn’t getting that pay check, and that the following pay check would have three weeks pay on it to make up for that day.

Anyway I had quit after only working a handful of shifts. They were training me to work overnights in Electronics by myself. It’s nice that they found me trustworthy. …but doing all that extra work myself on ten hours shifts during the holiday was not really for me. I also was never hired to do that job. I was hired (and getting paid) as Flow. In my store that’s the easy overnight job. I asked to be switched to days, and they said no. So I got an easier day job at a competitor.

Back to the paycheck. I had called them as soon as I found out about my other job that I was quitting. As I was working less than two weeks, and they are in a mall with paid parking, I didn’t feel like making the effort to quit in person. I expected someone from HR would call me about turning in my badge or something… but they didn’t call me. Anyway last week was pay day. That should have been a paycheck with all of my days on it. During orientation they said they mail the final check to you. I haven’t received that check. I’m gonna be in that area tomorrow, so I am gonna put them a visit demanding my money. Is there someone I can actually talk to about this? It’s obviously illegal, but I don’t want to make a scene. I just want my money. My concern is that they will try to get out of paying me for my punch correction days when I didn’t have my numbers. Since they didn’t give me that first paycheck for that very reason.


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  • viciousdave says:

    There's two things to do. First demand to speak to your store manager, if they still say it's not our responsibility for checks, the headquarters mailed it in, than get a lawyer to retaliate for unpaid work.

  • TargetMinion says:

    Paychecks get mailed out if they aren't picked up within a week. So if Friday is payday they stay at the store until the following Thursday to give TMs enough time to pick them up. Any not picked up by that Thursday night have to wait for them to be mailed to the address listed in their TM profile. If you only stayed a couple of shifts then it's whatever address was on your application. If it's been 5 business days since then and you haven't received it I would call and speak with your ETL-HR/HR TL or HR TM as they are the ONLY ones that have access to your paycheck. The STL does not and won't be able to help you (I speak from two years HR TM experience). If you don't want to talk to them then you can try calling TMSC and seeing if they will reissue you a check and mail it directly to your home. However you need to provide them with your TM number. You should have received it the day of orientation. If you didn't, it's because your ETL-HR/HR TL/HR TM didn't process your orientation paperwork electronically. You should have only had to do punch corrections for that orientation day and MAYBE your initial shift if you didn't drop into the scheduling system on time for them to enter it for timeclock use. Sounds like some serious shady stuff is going on at that store. I hope you get your paycheck, with proper pay, soon!


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