Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 2, 2013 - buymeamovie1st

Might as well pay us in pennies….

So on reason 456 why I’m leaving this Shit hole.  The ETLVDSOB tell us the other day in the annoying ass huddle that we are Number one in the region for guest service or some bullshit liek we gave a shit.  A couple of days later the same ETLVDSOB tells me and a few others that he was “warning” us that the next week all of Hardlines got virtually no hours from the bloodsuckers at corporate   For the team we have that’s about  FIVE FUCKING HOURS A SHIFT FR THE WEEK.  So I told the fucker that isn’t it great how we “are number one” but that’s what we get.  Fucking pathetic.  SO fucking glad to be getting out of this place,  These last couple of days Ive been talking :guests: OUT of buying shit.  So far I’v talked a guest out of buying a TV, a PS3, HDMI cables and pretty much anything in Piss Fresh.  If you think this place is better than Walmart, sure it is, but it’s like being in Hell’s backyard and not in the house.  Fuck Target till it bleeds rectally and dies!




  • Technoknight says:

    Target does not care about the employees. Their arrogance like other companies will be their downfall eventually. You can do better.

  • bestdayever says:

    I liked your story. Here's a useful tip. Instead of talking them OUT of buying things, talk them IN to buying things and even more things than they originally wanted. Then tell them at least 2 places they could buy it cheaper. It feels better. On one hand, you know you are cheating Target out of that sale and just handing it over to a competitor. On the other hand, you might feel kind of nice from saving someone the experience of buying something at Target. Double win.

  • conorO25 says:

    Lol love ya! Think I'm gonna follow your example

  • maaadhatter says:

    Your schedules are out more than a week in advance, so I highly doubt the story went as it was written. No one gets the schedule for the following week the week before. Sorry.


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