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October 30, 2014 - DestroyTarget

Me, a cashier at T-2443

Alright, children! Here’s the news: I was let go! Over something so simple (which I’m not mad about). I didn’t know I had work, yesterday, and did not call an LOD or GSA because I didn’t find out I had missed work until this morning. I never liked working there, anyway. The first managers from last year were always bugging me about redcards and one treated her coworkers and customers like they were idiots, and by the time they transferred and the store got new LODs and GSA (or whatever they are called), I was tired of being treated rudely by customers all because I simply asked them if they wanted a redcard, or when they forget some of their groceries and blame me for not telling them about it. Some of their problems have nothing to do with Target and it’s employees, and they brought their attitudes to me and my former coworkers. Another problem I always had with this store was that the cash registers never worked right. They would freeze in the middle of a transaction, and this year they would even shut down while I was scanning items. This problem, as many times as this happened (way too much for way too long) was never fixed. And many times, there were too little of us cashiers and way more customers. I appreciate Peek Hour, when employees from Sales Floor or wherever would get on the registers until the crowd died down, but as much as I’ve heard this Target had hired, we never got new cashiers unless the some of the ones we already had quit or transferred to another target store. I also don;t like those fifteen minute breaks. They don’t feel like breaks at all. Better hope you don’t have to use the restroom, because by the time you are done, your break will almost be over and you might have planned to eat before it was over. Even though I didn’t like working there, I was still earning money, so I’m a little upset. I kind of saw this coming because I had a dream that I quit a few nights ago, and I’ve always believed that dreams are messages sent to us. I had hope and didn’t want to believe it because I didn’t want to go through the hassle or creating a resume and going to who know how many interviews (plus I’m a nervous person. I don’t like interviews), but my dream was right! I dreamed that I was doing my job as a cashier, but I had a long line of angry and rude customers. I tried being nice and patient, but I felt so nervous, pressured, frustrated, and mad, that I just turned off my lane light, and ran out the store without saying anything to my managers and coworkers, and did not plan of coming back again. So that’s what that dream meant (though I didn’t quit, I was fired).


I’m feeling a little better ¬†now that I typed this out. Now I’m thinking “I’m FREEEEEEEEEEE! Free at last!” But I can’t stay unemployed forever, huh? I wish money came from nowhere and magically appeared in my bank account so I could do whatever I wanted. Maybe if I sang and performed like almost every ¬†famous American celebrity, I could be rich from simply existing. Or I could marry I rich dude but that’s a zero percent chance, haha! ‘K bye~




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