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November 7, 2013 - xxmenaxx

Management sucks

So not all of the LODs and TLs are bad at my store. But the bad seeds overshadow the good anyday. This new idiot front lanes LOD has made a BS rule that we are no longer allowed to enjoy our break or lunch in the Food Ave sitting area. Why? According to her, it looks bad for the team members to be taking up all the seats (though there are MAYBE 4-5 team members sitting there at any given time, leaving plenty of open seats) and if a guest asks us a question while on our 30 we would technically be working off tge clock by answering them. I have never in the two years I’ve been there been asked a question while eating on my break ¬†Guests don’t walk in and think “Let me walk to the cafe to ask where toilet paper is!!” No, they go to Guest Services. Dumb pregnant LOD just wants to feel high and mighty. Can’t wait until she pops out her baby and is on leave for 2+ months.


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  • Silverfox says:

    maybe they need to squeeze money out of employees because they just bought wal mart

  • viciousdave says:

    Forget what they ask or say. Remind them of civil liberty and freedom. Do what you want, not what they ask. Do the job, arrive on time, take the breaks as it's obstructed by law that all employees receive breaks. You have freedom to do whatever you want as long as it is not violent. Everytime my TLs tell me I did something wrong, I didn't. I always arrive on time and always take my break times on time. Yet they say, you came late, when I never do. They are simply trying to get rid of you for the stupidist reason, more so it is a personal reason they are, not a full retail decision of the company. You claim harrassment and it's as easy as that. Next time they claim anything on you, claim harassment on her for her negativity attitude for doing what is wrong onto the company and giving them a bad image.

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    They had that rule at my Tarshit when I was there. Employees weren't allowed to sit in the Starbucks or in the Food Ave. -_-

  • Hephaestus789 says:

    They have that at my Target. The only thing we can do, is sit at the far wall away from the counter, because they (the LOD/GSTL/GSA) think we're distracting the team member at Food ave. It sucks, cause i rather eat at Food ave, instead of in the break room with the other TL/LOD/GSTL's.


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