Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

February 18, 2018 - amped


I was a Target employee over 2 years. Since I arrived LODS had their rushed non rushed employees. Their favorites the unrushed taking it chit chatting with their buddies and LODS as the rest of us worked , LODS rushing us with a sense of urgency. The non rushed slackers took advantage of their special treatment behaviors as if they are the best since the LODS treat them so . I did several complaints to LODS, HR and Coperate without anything resolved. I’m not at Target for my self worth, respect and sanity.




  • bigrog44 says:

    LODs makes out that we are robots. They always want the GSTLs to take care of the problem. They are supposed to have a business degree. They need a degree on people skills. Sad. I got forced out after 15 years due to my disability. They got on my back since Trump has been in office because he's trying to do something in the court system to where that the people with disabilities who are working for big companies lose no matter what. You can't put any lawsuits on no company if they discriminate you because of your disability. They did not do it that much when Obama was in office because if I put a suit on them I could win and win big. I do have lots of medical bills and I am in the market for a new car.


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