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June 30, 2015 - SalesfloorTM2014

LOD replacement

This will be first of many posts. Let’s start off by saying I was hired in as a seasonal sales floor team member in November of 2014. I became known as the “closer” and got 35-40 hours a week and was pretty content with that. Then I was told that I would become a regular team member. This news made me really happy knowing that my hard work and dedication was recognized. (or so I thought). Working at Target, I didn’t have any issues that greatly affected my view point until around March. As I become more familiar with how things run, I noticed all the fuck up’s TM’s would do. As a closer, I was assigned A and B block; pets, cosmetics, chemicals, personal care, kitchen, and stationary. To get through this zone, take the necessary breaks/lunch required, and do “fast, fun and friendly” guest service, my work was not being completed. Between March and now, my store has had 5 LOD positions removed and replaced. To explain my issues EVERY time something isn’t done right to people that NEVER worked on the floor, or in retail in a pain in my ass. These “leaders” were only hired because they have a degree in something. I am not pulling this out of my ass. They would TELL us team members that this is their first time in retail, then less then 2 months they would leave. This can tell us two things, 1) they may treat LOD’s awful enough to quit and they vent that on the team (which I know they do at my store), 2) It shows the team that the LOD/ETLS are unreliable. One of the new LODs also is our new HR. (I will write a whole separate story for her ass). Since the VERY beginning of my employment at Target, I am one of the SOLE TM that ACTUALLY GIVES A FUCK. When the operator says there is a call for C and D and I am in A and B, ( I know that there is someone in C and D), and they don’t answer it, so I do. The LOD does nothing to help me. The same goes for seasonal or clothing. It isn’t the guest fault that we have uncompliant asses as employees. When the front lanes get too long, the GSA/GSTL asks over the walkie ” Can someone come up?”. I normally respond fairly fast because I would be close by. Then to see that the same GSA/GSTL asking for help, is either standing doing nothing, or talking it up with another Lead. Then only for me to be the sole TM responding to EVERYTHING in the store. I don’t any Vibe cards to prove it either. I am damned if I do, damned if I don’t. My LOD doesn’t say “Hey can someone else go up because *my name* has gone up all day/night?” NOPE. These incompliant LODs are making it difficult to do my job because no one rotates. Mind you, that if I don’t respond to come up to help, no one else will and they will keep calling for it until someone comes up or until they actually single out someone by their name to come up. What brought this on is because tonight, the same thing happened….again. Its annoying because I don’t like leaving when my work incomplete. I couldn’t complete my zone because no one was answering the electronic end-dime, or the calls for seasonal so guess who would respond? ME! Because I am apparently the only person on the floor.  So in frustration I ask if I can stay later to attempt to finish my zone, and my LOD ( the new HR) said ” You can do whatever you like, sweetie. I won’t make you.” SWEETIE? BITCH I AM MAYBE ONE OR TWO YEARS YOUNGER. That is really demeaning. I am not a minor and to be told that, was insulting. Then after she told me that, she mentioned that she would just write down what I didn’t complete to have the morning team zone what I couldn’t do. Again, this is making me look like I can’t fulfill my job because I am too busy doing the work of my “team” members. There isn’t a team at my store. There are individuals that don’t communicate.


Thanks for reading my rant, there will surely be more.


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