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September 1, 2014 - dtlhater

Let’s Make A Difference

Let’s take a stand and do what we should be doing. If we are disgruntled with our employer, no longer feeling respected or valued as an employee or as a person, let’s make the effort to find other employ making our lives better while inconveniencing Target. Let’s apply with employers with stronger reputations (and that’s pretty much anyone!), an increased likelihood of success (which rules out only Sears and Kmart!) and where we can thrive with a chance to enjoy our work life. Commit to doing at least one of the following to do this week: put together a resume, apply to five other employers or contact a union to improve your, and your peers, working conditions. You owe it to yourself to make the best of your life and this is simply step 1 to doing so. Any takers??  My resume is done and I will be applying to multiple companies this week for sure!




  • braycanes12 says:

    Have been applying for months and still can't find another job....

  • TargetGrunt says:

    Honestly I think the only ways we can get our message across is to either:

    1) Convince enough people to stop shopping at Target however we can or,

    2) Organize a protest outside of the Minneapolis HQ demanding better treatment.

    I've thought about starting a petition a few times now, but honestly I think HQ would read it and laugh. Or they would read it and then find a way to make things even worse under the guise of "helping."

    Besides, there are so many people unemployed (6.3% of the US or 20,084,293 people) that can be plugged into these entry level positions regardless of how well they perform, so leaving won't really change anything except for those who leave.

    And braycanes12, I know that feeling. It took me six months to get hired on at Target and almost two years after that before I got another interview. It's definitely no walk in the park, especially when you've got bills to pay.

    If there's a warehouse in your area, try getting on with Amazon:

    You can also try Indeed to search for positions:

    Craigslist can be good, but be sure to do some research before responding to listings:

    Other than that all I can tell you is to keep trying. Try small businesses, going door-to-door with a copy of your résumé, or see if there are any opportunities in adjacent cities. You can also try temp agencies if you're not worried about finding stable employment and need some quick cash.

    And to all of the other job hunters, good luck (and fuck Target)!

  • Silverfox says:

    try going to the mall for stress relief and at the same time hand our resumes. That's what I used to do. Also, make sure you stay informed of the events at your local library. There are always job fairs being held. 🙂


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