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August 6, 2015 - fedupcashier

Leaving this shithole

It’s pretty fucked up for me to say this, but even though I’ve only been with Target for a little over a year and a half, I’m completely fed up with this bullshit. Red cards are literally all that matters at my store. Literally.
It doesn’t matter how hard of a worker you are, or how many tasks you can accomplish in your down time, or even how “Fast, fun, and friendly” you are. At the end of the day, if you’re not slapping out those goddamn credit cards like candy, you’re not good enough for them. You can be as “brand” as you want. You can get the best survey results or bagging reports. You can even kiss your boss’s sorry ass like a fucking sycophant, but at the end of the day, none of that matters if you’re not a complete fucking redcard whore.

I’ve posted before about how my store wasn’t all bad when I was first hired, and it wasn’t. It really wasn’t. I got redcards at a decent rate, I passed my 90 day evaluation period with flying colors, and my bosses for the most part left us alone to our jobs without much issue. However, it’s only gotten worse since then, and it never gets even remotely better.

First off, my boss not only puts way too much fucking faith in that flawed as hell “MyTime” schedule, but she also ignores the law on numerous occasions to the point that the GSTLs, or any OTHER position of management has to hear us out and let us go home before we hit overtime, or early enough  to allow more than eight hours between shifts, or even scheduling minors to work past their curfew. Now, she apparently got Target in trouble for this once already, and yet somehow STILL managed to retain her job to this day. How, might you ask? The slimy cunt decided to blame it on the KIDS for working past their curfew when THEY KNEW AND APPROACHED HER about it, and were told not to worry about it, because it was Summer time. Turns out, the law is still the law no matter what time of the year it is. Novel concept, right? To this day it remains a mystery to me how the fuck she still has that job.

Secondly, and a bit more on the petty side I suppose, I’m not allowed to show any kind of feeling at all while I’m at the register, apparently. At least, that’s how my boss made me feel today after taking me in for a coaching session simply because I “didn’t talk to a guest, and they wrote about it on the survey.” I didn’t talk to a guest. ONE GUEST. You know why? Because I’d been working closing shifts the past two weeks straight, and have not received one single ounce of backup, or sympathy from my GSTLs, or my ETL regarding the obvious lack of sufficient coverage in the later parts of the evening. ONE TIME I decided to show a bit of feeling and frustration, simply by doing my job, doing it fast, and efficiently, and simply choosing not to speak (or speak very loudly, anyway). Apparently, that’s enough to get their knickers in a twist and send me in for a “coaching” by my GSTL.

That’s not even the best fucking part, though. See, during my coaching, my GSTL repeatedly told me things like “Take ownership” over the situation and to “take control” of what I’m doing. He told me I should focus on doing my job, finishing my tasks, and always appear to be professional no matter what. So even after that coaching session, even after making me feel like a complete worthless pile of shit and telling me to basically just “deal with it,” I go out and actually got a fucking redcard for him. I got no acknowledgement for it. I decided to actually work and do my best, as I always had before this bullshit began, and I still get nothing.

Not so much later that evening, I was confronted by a guest who was obviously bullshitting the system and trying to abuse our policies, so I simply enforce it, and try to communicate what’s happening to my boss (the same boss who had just hours before given me a coaching), and he tells me not to worry about it and focus on my “priorities.”

So apparently I can’t win. No matter what I do for this miserable store.

Over the passing few months, I’ve witnessed several of our cashiers just up and quit. No two weeks notice. Just flat out quitting on the spot. And I can’t tell you that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind numerous times in the last few weeks. Sure, we get a batch of new hires every now and then, but when one half of them simply quits because they realize how much of a sinking ship this store is, and the other half just up and abandons the job altogether, I can honestly say I’ve seen far, far more people leaving this store than I have ever seen come in in my short time here.

Keep in mind everything leading up to the events of this post occurred over the course of just one year. In a single year, my store literally went to shit. Nobody wants to be here anymore. Not even I do. I’ve had too much patience with my store, and I can’t take it anymore. You can call me as petty as you want, but when your job, no matter how simple or meaningless it seems, doesn’t even give you the respect you deserve as a human being, I’m just done.

I quit.


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  • doublea says:

    I would ask my supervisor to show me the employee handbook and look up redcards and where is states I have to get a certain number a shift. If I remember correctly it only states that you have to mention them. You are not a salesman but a cashier that makes 8 maybe 9 an hour. Why dont they set up on a chechout lane for an hour and see how many they get.

  • survived spot says:

    MyTime and Redcarfs were 2 of the reasons I had to tender my resignation from spot. A lot of great people left before I decided enough was enough. Good luck.


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