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December 12, 2015 - km71320

Just got fired?

I was working as a cashier at the target close to my house and sometime around the end of October a woman comes in with her two daughters that were totally excited to use their money from their allowance to get toys. They ended up having money left over and one of the girls tells me I can have it. I say no because I was told we weren’t allowed to accept money. I start ringing up their mother’s groceries and she gets a 10 dollar gift card. I informed her of her card and put it down by the register so I could finish ringing her up. I tell her about it again at the end of her transaction and she tells me to just keep it before leaving. I had witnessed a coworker do this a week earlier and she had no problems so I did.

Well yesterday┬áI get called into the HR office and the AP leader and someone from HR are sitting in the office. I start getting asked why I was in there, which at the time I didn’t honestly know. When they finally told me why I was in there they asked me what I had done. I explained that I scanned the gift card, told the woman she had it and continued to ring up her purchase, when I finished ringing her up I told her again but she told me to keep it and left. The AP leader was insistent that I never spoke to the woman which the HR woman knew wasn’t true because I engaged all my guests. The AP leader then left and the HR woman stayed behind to talk with me and asked if I really kept the gift card. I said yes. She then told me to give her my name tag and discount card before clocking out because I was no longer allowed to continue working there.

The woman who trained me had done the same thing and nothing was said to her and she had told me I wasn’t allowed to accept money but I could accept gifts. I’m not even mad I got fired though. I was going to put my two weeks in anyway but it still pisses me off that I was the only one to get fired when the other cashiers were accepting gift cards, candy, little presents, drinks, and food from guests. Like, if you’re going to fire one person for doing it you should fire the rest of them too.


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  • viciousdave says:

    The same thing for me just in a little different way. I come to work in a checkered red black shirt. I get called off the lanes and told that's not acceptable, put on this red sweater. While there are two girls with red black checkered shirts also I exploited that why am I in trouble, they are wearing checkered shirts also! She just went mmph on me like whatever. I was furious, it's like oh so you have to pick on me the short guy and not the two other girls about there shirts when they are wearing the same thing? WTF? Target plays favorites and they always do, one always gets away with everything while we can't get away with nothing at all. WTF is targets problem? Leaders are assholes who play favorites and hate on others. It's wrong and should be corrected but it isn't. I think it's time for myself to tell them everything and if they say meh at me than I'm walking out!

  • luna831 says:

    Theft goodbye.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    You can take them to court over this. As long as you can prove others did it as well and it was ignored by management. They cannot fire you for something they allow others to do. I came across it once while looking up things employers can and cant get away with. Many companies have gotten into a lot of trouble for similar things. Even for at will states it won't matter. They cannot give a reason for firing you like this when others do it as well and are not punished in the same fashion.

  • RedcardWarrior says:

    The reason I got fired was for price matching without checking (or so they say) but really I went to one of the tablets in electronics and checked. I was told by the ETL that if the register lets you, then it is acceptible and you don't need LOD approval. Got fired for it the next day AND was required to pay them back the difference because it just so happened to be a family member and they classified it as stealing, got a PI in there, and threatened to call the police if I didn't offer to give back the difference in money. All because of lack of training. I feel you dude, now whenever I go to get a job I get to explain all of that.

  • doublea says:

    file for unemployment. They will have a hearing. Don't miss it. You could get some of these peons in trouble. Just tell the truth.


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