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September 2, 2012 - Angry_Bastard

Just an introduction…

Hello, everybody.  I am an angry bastard, which is why I have chosen to go by that name.  I worked at the red bullseye for a year and a half, all but the last six weeks as a cart attendant.  Without trying, I became one of the more controversial people to work at the store (I won’t say which, but it’s one in southeastern Virginia) due to my approach to doing the work and how I had interacted with most of the people.  And then, I quit.


But, of course, like anybody else on this site, I have a few stories to tell.  I just have to make sure I put them together well enough for everyone to read.  So stay tuned.


Employee Experience


  • viciousdave says:

    Oh I know how it is, you do the job, oh that's not fast enough, oh that's not good enough, why aren't you doing this? Hello, I'm going as fast as I can, I even asked for assistance while I go on my legally copyrighted state break so the carts can be filled while I go on my break. Oh no, need more paper bags, oh no need that trash taken out, oh wait, now carts are behind due to trash taken out. WTF? Hello, find a backup person, because doing the bathrooms, trash, and paper and plastic bags means I can't keep up with the dang carts, so find some extra help, I'm only one person, freaking a you dumb stupid GSTLs. Think with your brain for once!

  • Hate_Me says:

    Make sure that when you tell us your story, it's full of hatred, cuss words, and a lot of "fuck"'s haha. Oh, and make sure to make fun of fat chicks, asshole bosses who think they're cool, "guests" who use the electric wheelchairs and run into fucking EVERYTHING, and definitely make fun of ugly people and morons you worked with.

    I need something to laugh about.


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