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May 30, 2015 - sadcashier

It All Went Downhill The Day I Was Hired

As a loyal Targé customer, I thought a job here would be so fun. I loved that Target was so inclusive with its TMs and always moving forward with branding, etc. After applying a few times and going through a few other jobs, I finally got a call back from a store in my area (not my usual spot, but the next closest). I was so excited, I knew I would nail the interview and my foolish dreams would come true. I should have run with those first bad vibes I got but I was desperate to leave my old job. I had the usual phone interview and was promised the job from the softlines TL but had to wait for my in-person and was told I’d be called the next day. A week went by without a peep and I had to begin calling everyday, trying to find someone from HR to schedule my interview but there was literally no one around at any time. Finally had my in-person, nailed it and was so excited to start as a cashier. I was told to put in my two weeks at my other job so I happily did. Big mistake. I did not hear a thing from Target about my orientation for a MONTH. Yes, 4 whole weeks. I started to wonder if I had dreamt the interviews or had misheard the job offer. I began calling quite often and never had my calls returned or was told they were, “waiting to hear from payroll”, whatever that means.

Finally get my orientation with another guy who had been given the job three days prior. WOW. It all seems great, I already know a lot about the store from being a frequent “guest”. Little did I know how hard I would be pushed for Red Cards even on my FIRST DAY OF TRAINING when I still did not know how to work the register. Turns out this store is one of the highest traffic, highest Red Card producing in SoCal (I.E.). Slowly I begin to meet all the TLs, GSAs, GSTLs, LODs, (AHOLEs, POSs) etc, and I’m still honestly not sure about what they all do or are in charge of? Seems like a bunch of dumb titles to make these people feel important and they sure let you know how much better they are than you because of an acronym.

New TMs are treated like puppies at first, constantly given Starbucks or stuff from Food Ave. for getting Red Cards but that quickly fades away. It honestly disgusting the way they smile and lure you in with treats like you’re cows for the slaughter. I was immediately told by a few TMs to get out while a could and I just hit my 90 days and am working towards 2 other jobs right now.

Most other cashiers are younger than me and this is their first job. Higher ups clearly feel threatened by me because this is not my first rodeo and I can tell just how badly and unfairly they are treating us. Seems like I am the only one constantly getting pulled aside, told I’m not smiling enough, not breathing right, blinking at the wrong moments, my atoms are taking up too much space, etc. Anything they can get me for, they are clearly trying to assert their dominance over me and can tell I am not eating it up like all these other poor kids. I honestly want to cry before each shift and sometimes wish I would get in a car wreck on the way to work. Can’t even begin to explain how depressed I have become in my (maybe) five weeks of working almost 40 hours a week, eight hour shifts that are absolutely killer. We are pretty much never given our breaks due to the front end being so understaffed and they must call for back up about 50x a day, no kidding.

I am due for ‘disciplinary action’ at the end of this week due to too much overtime on my 8 hour shifts. Not my fault no one told me lunches were 45 mins or GSAs tell me to wait at my register for relief before I can go clock out. I literally had a GSA tell me to spend my “last 3”, yes, last 3 MINUTES of my shift, on an express lane; squeezing every last second out of us and then making me late for clock out.

Can’t damn well wait to get out of this place. I wish I would have come across this site when I was waiting to hear back from them about orientation. This company is so embarrassingly run by children while actual adult leaders seem to be on an eternal lunch break. Lots of talking heads running around expelling hot air is what I see.


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  • iquit2014 says:

    I'm sorry this has happened to you. I also wished I found this website before I took the job. It was awful.

  • viciousdave says:

    Find and call a lawyer immediately! If you not receiving your breaks under your state labor law break laws than you may sue Target by locating your state labor commissioner and telling his in a phone call or letter mail that you are not recieving your meal or regular breaks. Your job can not retaliate when a complaint of labor law is made against them.

  • doublea says:

    I concur with viciousdave. Get a lawyer and make um pay! What a bunch of low life bullies. I would mention the fact they told you to put your 2 weeks in and then waited a month to call you for a fucking orientation. Lazy bitches! Just cut your light off and take your damn break. Oh yeah. Fuck the corrective action as well. Tell them to talk to the person that fucked up cause it was not me!


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