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March 26, 2014 - dinglehopper

Inmates running the asylum

God bless this site. I’m sick and tired of everything. Looking for a new job, I’ve worked sales floor at Tarshit for a few years now. My story probably isn’t unknown to many of you. I thought pretty highly of the company going in, the people seemed nice, yadayadayada, and then everything went downhill quickly. At best LODs and TLs are inattentive and clueless, and at worst they get off on making your life a living hell. But in the last 6 months, things have reached a new low.

Everybody knows the LODs have their favorites, and they’re usually the ones that get promotions whether they deserve them or not. My store’s favorite is one of the most useless lumps of humanity I’ve ever met. Never does any work, rude to guests and other team leads, late all the time, disappears for long stretches of time, etc. He worked as the part-time HR clerk for a while, and he would just change his start times in the schedule so it didn’t look like he was an hour late. Still, he’s their little bitch, and when a TL spot opened up last year, they gave it to him.

As you can guess, things have only gotten worse. Now, not only does he get nothing done, but now he can shove his work on team members, and since we’re cutting hours left and right, there are fewer team members; consequently, even more work goes undone. Despite this, every night he closes, we always end up in his area because he’s a useless nitwit. When we try to complain to LODs (only happened once or twice), it gets turned on our heads and we get accused of being insubordinate. He’s dating one of the GSAs and has been for over a year, which is a violation of store policy. The LODs know this, but the HR LOD told him it was no big deal. He’s also not supposed to have much contact at all with other team members outside of work, but I see him posting inappropriate comments on other team members’ facebook pages.

I’m sick and tired of everything. The double standards between the favorites and the rest of us have always been apparent, but now it’s beyond ridiculous. Anywhere else, this guy would have been fired. I’d report this, but nothing will come of it, I’ve got one foot out the door anyways. But I’m just done with it all.


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  • Silverfox says:

    if you're planning to leave anyways, go out with a bang and take him down with you.

  • disgusted says:

    @LODSare theMissingLink......sadly calling the hotline accomplishes a big fat zero result 99% of the time, its another thing put in place by tarshit to make its corporate yahoos think they are full of integrity and more.....please!!!!!!!

  • disgusted says:

    You see though, my point has been proven, as you have to lower yourself to their pitiful level and lie about make stuff up to be heard.

    Not much integrity there when you have to lie and make stuff up to be heard. They actually look puzzled when they ask why is morale so low??? Oh My GGGGGGGGG

    • TargetGrunt says:

      "They actually look puzzled when they ask why is morale so low?"

      E/TLs live in a different dimension where everything runs smoothly all the time and the concept of "morale" doesn't exist. As long as the work gets done they don't care how it was done or how poorly the people doing it get treated.

      They need to understand that human nature inherently runs on positive recompense, that simply threatening people and belittling them naturally leads to lower morale.

      Though I suppose it's hard to explain that effectively to people who don't have any semblance of brain activity.

  • buymeamovie1st says:

    Get a new job like I did, it took me a year but I did it. otherwise you're fucked using the logic expressed here which is well you're shit anyway working there and on their level so you may as well play along and bitch and moan to some "complaint line" so you can be even more targeted by the shithead LOD, ETL, SOB or whatver title they bestow upon themselves. do a half ass job, look for another job and if they fire you get unemployment


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