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September 20, 2013 - cloudster

I’m a former T1846 team member

FOR THE RECORD: this is me, Cloud. Now no one needs to be blamed for stuff being posted on here. I, myself was blamed for posting on this site and yes they were all wrong because like I said: this is really me on this post now. Whoever posted all the other stuff was not me but who cares. The point I’m trying to make with me posting in here with my true identity is simply because I can and it’s really sad that even though this is a public website innocent people get blamed for the posts on here. Like I said I was the first one to get blamed. At first it was kinda funny how quick they are to point fingers and assume who’s doing this.

Sad and unjust situation if you ask me. I’m no longer at this hell hole and believe me my life has been so much easy and stress-free. I’m finally happy and walk around with a positive attitude with my head held high. My whole person, my personality and my beliefs were crushed and belittled while I was at this store.

I came from a super target in Texas and that being a district store, things were done right and always kept the “target” brand to the best of our abilities. There I was appreciated, recognized and valued. I was hired on as a team lead and to me the most important thing was my team members. Their feelings and concerns where my top priority unlike here at T1846.

I couldn’t understand or see things their way here at 1846 it was a whole new experience to me. Make a long story short, I had to step down when I transferred here because there where no TL openings, which I totally understood. But once there was an opening I wasn’t told or aware of it and yes it made me mad because they knew I wanted to be where I was at as far as being a TL. So then they said I needed my high school diploma which was something that I didn’t have. So I went and got my GED and the opportunity was never given to me once again.

I had a very good and dependable reputation, I loved my job as a bakery team lead prior to my transfer. I took it hard because I knew I had what it takes to be a good leader yet this store 1846 never saw that in me. I was even picked by my old district manager to be her assistant while her assistant was out for a month. That was an awesome experience and not very many team members get to have that opportunity.

I was great team hero many many times, cause my hard work and dedication showed my passion for my former store T2335. I lost the passion, the drive, and the ability to be on a positive state of mind here at 1846. My morale was awful, I tried to be positive and to smile through it all but it didn’t help or work.

My health was bad I even developed a chronic illness due to the stress I had been going through since I transferred to 1846. The whole situation was only getting worse. I hate seeing team members get used and overworked. No ones happy there at 1846 and ever since I got fired my life has been wonderful, yes that door closed but three opened.

I go to 1846 almost everyday because I live a block away and I can see the way certain people look at me with the stink eye and it makes me laugh, they call themselves “professionals”, please! I just feel bad for all the people I care for that still work there. I love everyone there but TWO of them.

These “two” individuals could careless about me and all I can say is that I’m beyond glad and happy that I was fired, they did me a favor! Good luck to them cause we all know that in this life time we all make the bed we lie in.


To to all my friends there: I love you and don’t let no one belittle you, you are worth so much more than what they value you there. And you all deserve so much better and most importantly you all deserve to work in a positive work environment were your hard work can be appreciated and recognized.




  • edelmira says:

    You're right about all that. ETL's pick whoever they want to pick to become team leads no matter how good of leadership ethics anyone has but if they don't want you you won't get it cause 98% of the time they have someone picked out already no matter what anyone else has to offer.

  • Mindy says:

    This store T1846 really sucks and all the ETL's can suck a big one. I hate it here but I gotta put up with their shit until I find another job. I'm glad someone we all have posted on here and as far as we know this is the only person who we all know who it is on this post cause all of us have used other usernames other than our own only because the ETL's will probably retaliate like they always do.

  • bananasuit says:

    You're so much better off not being in this shit hole. T1846 needs to disappear completely. I hear you're doing great ever since you got fired and I see you at the store all the time which I think it's awesome going in there to show those fucks you're so much happier now.
    Maybe one day I'll reveal myself to you Cloud and go have lunch so we can laugh over all these posts. I still wonder who's who that's posting from T1846 lol it's okay though we are all on the same page without even planning it.

  • kashigirl says:

    Yes everyone gets used and abused here at this hell hole. You are better off not being here besides you have so much potential and you are in school to get a real rewarding career so fuck this place. I never had the opportunity to actually get to know you as well as I wish I could because fro what I hear you're a cool and funny person. And yes too bad target couldn't see that in you but like I said you are better off not being here. We are planning to contact corporate thought the target website and I heard that the emails go straight to them. This came from someone who commented on one of the T1846 posts on here and I think that's pretty awesome that other people are looking out for us without even knowing who we are.


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