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May 11, 2013 - wacko1598

I think they’re trying to fire me Part 1

So for the past three months it seems that my store is trying to find as much shit they can so they can fire me in the near future.  I had started noticing it around the end of March when it seemed like around every corner there was an LOD or TL ready to tell me to do something or make sure I’m “on task.”  It wasn’t until the beginning of April that my suspicions were confirmed when I got called in to have a lovely little corrective action talk.  The three things they listed off to me were that I was hanging around electronics to much and in turn slacking off according to them thus “making everyone else having to pick up the slack”, I neglected to pick up and hang signs back up on to here hangers, and one night I had forgotten to zone the back wall of toys and had to be reminded to go and do it.  Finally towards the end I was told that I’m not communicating on the walkie enough, I’m not doing pulls, reshop, and zoning fast enough with a sense of urgency, and it seems like I don’t want to be there.

Lets start with the hanging out in electronics bullshit.  I remember the day in question of when I was “hanging out.”  On that day I happened to see that there was a tv that didn’t have a spiderwrap on it so I took it upon myself to put a wrap on it.  Lo and behold a TL happens to walk by and asks me what I’m doing (just as a note this one LOVES to constantly ask me what I’m doing).  I let her know and then she just says okay and tells me about everything that needs to be done as if I had know idea they even existed.  I didn’t pay much mind to it then but apparently what I was doing was a bad thing and I was being lazy.

Next we have the not hanging signs up.  This was the only one aisle that I happened to skip this on of to which it was on a week where we had a fucking crap load of signs for goggles.  I was aware I had left some and didn’t pick them up namely because I was more concerned about getting the zone done cause that was a particularly busy night for some reason so I was a little behind.  So due to that a got a little chat with the TL that night about the “importance of hanging signs” and all that fun jazz.

Finally we have the forgetting to zone the back of toys.  This one I fully admitted to doing cause I really did forget and I even said it to the LOD that night who pointed it out to me and went and did it right away of to which it didn’t take me long to do.  I recall that night being a bit stressful due to being called back to electronics a lot and having to deal with a few difficult customers.

Now for the lack of communication I find to be completely stupid.  For one  I can already tell which TL is accusing me of this because she is constantly hounding me on what I’m doing, making sure I’m “on task”, and always naming me off first for whenever there needs to be back up or if a button goes off.  On top of that before I can even respond on the walkie one of the TLs or LODs jumps right on the walkie cutting off anyone who might be getting ready to respond to it.  And of course there’s the joy off getting walked over so even if I did respond right away chances are someone didn’t hear it cause they were more concerned about calling me out.  What’s even better is if I’m with a customer and they call for me, if I don’t respond right way when I’m trying to listen to the freaking person in front of me they start freaking out as if I left the building.

With the lack of urgency in doing everything that is also bullshit.  I can only assume they don’t take into fact that I tend to be the one that goes for back up the most so that pulls me away from finishing things, helping people find things, getting call buttons, and answering the phone for when there’s a call.

I just laugh at the comment of seeming like I don’t want to be there.  I mean do they really want to respond to that or something cause I can go on about why.  I mean if you were constantly scheduled to close practically all the time and told you were doing a terrible job would you be happy to be at work?  I mean I could just be a dick and call off last minute and screw them just so I don’t have to deal with it.

But I digress.  I’ll be posting a part 2 cause I still have more to say and I don’t want to make this any more of a wall of text then it already is.

TL;DR Got a corrective action.  They spouted some bullshit that anyone else they would have not cared.  See more in part 2.


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