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April 7, 2011 - dalila

i feel like crap right now thanks to target

i feel like crap right now thanks to target, i applied there  then they called me a week later for an interview, that went fine i was told ill be getting 9 dollors an hour plus a dollor every hour for 3rd shift, i took that as id be geting 10 dollors an hour, and it was for stocking shelves i thought good thats an ok job for me, and it was full time. i went to orientation i got information overload, so confused about everything, the people giving the orientaiton gave us paperwork to fill out while they went to a ocmputer and talked and laughed amongst themselves  and then we watched videos, and they handed me my schedual, showed me their offices and storage places, great what does this have to do with me and my position. they didnt explain very much like how the schedual on the wall works or the timeclock, where im supposed to go on my first day. they  informed me i will be unloading trucks lifting heavy things and i have a very small build and ill be working about 4 hours in the early morning i started to get mad i did all this and now im finding out this is definatly somthing i dont want to do , this was a waste of my time .the people then asked if we had any questions and the person who was at orientaion with me started asking awhole bunch and they focused on him and looked at me and said oh you can go now, so i had made up my mind and thought im done wasting my time and im not gonna show up to work for my second day cause i hate it already. im very upset now. i was all excited im getting 10 bucks and working full time, and   it turned out to be wayyyy different and one of the videos were warnign us abot union tryin to take over target and making it seem liek the end of the world. they are all psycho smiling all the time having to say nice things to people who will just look at you like your stupid and not say anything. i never shopped there anyway too expensive. i really needed to vent and i did, if i told anyone i know this, they would think im stupid for not showing up for work but that type of work itsnt for me and i dont know why they told me somthing different i turned down a full itme job for this cause i thougth it paid more uuuggghhhh. i wonder what they are gonna do when i dont show up, i hope they dont call and bother me, i have some job applying to do.



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